Frequently Asked Questions(sportsman)



How long will it take to get my product?
Standard lead-time is 5 weeks from final artwork approval.

What are my payment options?
We accept: Credit Card - Visa and Mastercard, Cheque and Bank Transfer.

What is your minimum order?
For sublimated products: 5 units of each product (i.e 5 x Men's Polos, 5 x Women's Polos). For printed/embroidered products: 5 units.


How do I know what size to order?
See our ONTHEGO size guide. This gives you a guide of the size you will fit into, based on your body measurements.
Our products are sports apparel, so the fit will vary from person to person, depending how each individual likes to wear their sportswear. If you would like a snug/tight fit, we recommend ordering a size smaller than your recommended size.

Find your size

What size range do you manufacture up to?
We manufacture from a Kids size 4 to a Men’s 7XL and everything in between. Our size guide goes up to 2XL, to suit most of our customers, however if you need another size guide, your sales representative can send this to you.


How many different colours can I have in a design?
If the product is sublimated, you can have as many colours as you wish, included in the one cost per unit. If the product is printed, again you can have as many colours as you wish, although, you are charged per colour, per location for printed items. Please keep in mind that the more printable colours, the higher the risk of error. We cannot guarantee 100% colour matching to all Pantone/CMYK Colours, as textures of fabric and dye batches vary.

What colours can I choose from?
ONTHEGO have created a core colour chart of 42 Pantone colours, which we deem to be the safest, most suitable and most common for sublimation printing. Any colours chosen out of the ONTHEGO core colour chart, are acceptable, however, ONTHEGO cannot be held responsible for any variances in colour printing on the garment, from a non-core colour.

Can I use my own logo?
Of course you can.

How many logos can I have on my design?
You can have as many logos as you wish. If the product is sublimated, you can have as many logos as you wish, included in the one cost per unit. If the product is printed, again you can have as many logos as you wish, although, you are charged per colour, per location for printed items. Please keep in mind that the more printable colours, the higher the risk of error.

How do I give you my logos/graphics?
Vector format is required (eps/pdf/ai). See our artworks requirement guide for detailed information.


Will you send me artwork with the quote so I can see if I like it before I go ahead?
No, the artwork is included in the price, so we release artwork once quote is accepted and payment made. We have a very talented group of designers, and guarantee we can meet your design requirements, providing your brief is specific.

How long will my artwork take?
24-48 hours.

How many changes client can make in the Production Document before putting into production?
One change is allowed based on your artwork being correct upon your direction. After one change, a $25 administration fee (per change) will be charged.

Will colour on the fabric match with Production document image and colour code provided?
Our factories will print to the colour code provided and approved by the client. As sublimation printing is a computer generated print method, we cannot guarantee it will be 100% spot on. With all sublimation printing, a 5% tolerance needs to be considered; as there are many different textures the one colour can be viewed on (i.e. A computer screen vs the fabric).

Will I see a sample before mass production?
Yes, you will always see a sample photo for approval.

Will I able to see physical sample of my order before putting into mass production?
Yes, a physical sample can be shipped to you, at an extra delivery cost. Please keep in mind that this will add time to your production time.


What is Dye-Sublimation printing?
Dye Sublimation printing is a computer generated print, which adapts a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials, in which heat and pressure are applied to a solid, turning it into a gas through an endothermic reaction without passing through the liquid phase. Distinctive sublimation dyes are transferred to sheets of transfer paper using liquid gel ink through a piezoelectric print head. The ink is dropped onto high-release inkjet papers, which are used for the next step of the process. Once the digital design is printed onto sublimation transfer sheets, it is placed on a heat press along with the substrate to be sublimated. To transfer the image from the paper to the substrate, it needs a heat press process which combines time, temperature and pressure. The heat press applies this special combination, which can change depending on the substrate, to “transfer” the sublimation dyes at the molecular level into the substrate. The most common dyes used for sublimation activate at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the benefits of Sublimation?
Sublimation printing results in an almost permanent, high resolution, full colour print. As the dyes are infused into the material at the molecular level, rather than applied on top of the material (such as with screen printing and direct to garment printing), the prints will not crack, fade or peel from the substrate under normal conditions.

What is the difference between sublimation and screen-printing?
The difference is quite simple, as stated above, sublimation is dye imbedded into the fibres of the fabric, and screen-printing is an acrylic paint based on top of the fabric. ONTHEGO can do screen-printing projects, for a shorter turn around period 1-2 weeks.

What fabrics can you sublimate onto?
We sublimate onto polyester fabric.

Can you sublimate onto cotton?
Not yet.


What is co-branding?
As the garment manufacturer, ONTHEGO (OTG) reserves the right to ‘co-brand’ our garments. This means our logo appears on the back of the garment and our icon appears on the front. Each garment has its own template for where the OTG brand assets appear, but generally the logo appears on the back at the top of the neck and the icon appears on the front top right near the shoulder.

Why do we co-brand?
With a mindset that ‘Every Day Matters', the OTG brand has been built around delivering customised sportswear that empowers, inspires and gives back through our ‘One4One’ charity initiative, which for every product sold, enables access to sport to 1 child for 12 months from a less fortunate area of Australia and the Pacific Islands. Bringing awareness to the ‘One4One’ initiative is the reason we’re proud to co-brand our garments.