How it works


How it works

At ONTHEGO Sports we adhere to the K.I.S.S principle. Keep It Super Simple. To help us do that we have provided a short video which will allow you to get to know our 3D Kit Builder a little better. 4 Simple Steps, Why not start right now?





Did you know that you can add as many logo’s, sponsors, names and numbers as you want? With no extra cost! Minimum order is just 5 and this can be a combination of any sizing + male/female cuts. Bit hesitant to order online? Need assistance? Never fear OTG has all bases covered. Upon receipt of design and ordering one of our expert teamwear specialists will make contact with you to make sure all is going well and to put your mind at ease.

But before ordering, a few things you might like to know. The process we use for printing is called Sublimation Printing. Where we use amazing technology to infuse the garment with your design. This is done by altering a dye under mass pressure in a printer then changing it from a liquid to a gas! Why sublimation? Simple. It means you can have unlimited logos with no set up costs. but more importantly it creates an amazing product with no fading and no peeling.

ONTHEGO Sports have proven the ability to build products that stand the test of time. Using sublimation as a preferred method of printing in majority of our items to increase the longevity of print. Through to our strict QC controls. ONTHEGO uses factories that are well versed in providing garments that will last. Through conducting R&D into products based around customer feedback and customer needs combined with product market research OTG has refined its product over time to ensure that durability of product is second to none.


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