Our Favourite Indoor Sports

Our Favourite Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are becoming increasingly popular with more indoor sports centres and leagues available. There are many advantages to choosing indoor sport one is the great courts you get to play on, remaining unweathered and consistent every game.

It's great being able to play rain, hail or shine! There is nothing worse than having fields washed out from bad weather, which can in some cases can last for more than a week. No more struggling with hot temperatures, sunburn, freezing in the middle of winter or getting your new kicks muddy.

Indoor sports are great at mixing competitive foundations with a casual, social atmosphere. Everyone is there to break a sweat, improve their skills and have a good time. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!?



Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and for good reason! It’s a great team sport that improves strength, coordination, cardio and endurance and who doesn’t love the feeling of flying across the court to set up a lay-up or slam dunk! There is nothing like a sport where you can get a bit rough to reduce stress.  



Don’t like running long distances? Volleyball is the sport for you! It is fast-paced, focused on quick reaction times and explosive movements. Jumping, diving and clever manoeuvres on the court make volleyball an exciting game to play and a great spectator sport. Even better, nearly everyone on the court is involved in each play!



Cricket is a very skill specific sport that requires ability in every aspect of the game. Indoor cricket is great for learning and improving these skills. Teams consist of just six or eight in a small court environment, allowing quicker plays, which enhances batting and bowling, as well as fielding reflexes. Some of the best Australia cricketers including Michael Clarke were brought up playing indoor cricket.



Futsal, known as ‘room football’ in Spanish, is an excellent way to build on your soccer skills without playing in an outdoor soccer competition. You only need five people on each team, which is played on a small court, with a heavier ball. It is great for allowing more players time with the ball, building confidence, improving reaction time and decision-making. It’s a great social game, and for little ones, if they want to start playing soccer.



You need few players to play Indoor Netball and get to compete on a softer court than concrete, which means scapes and injuries do not result in so much skin lost (take the small wins). Netball moves at such a fast pace which is a great way to build fitness, cardio and tone up the body without having to think about it. Let’s face it netball is a lot more fun than sweating it out at the gym for the same result.



If you live in an urban area squash is great way to remain fit and healthy in a small space and a short amount of time. You can lose up to 1500 calories each hour playing squash. What a great return! Even better it is an easy sport to learn with few rules.



We all remember playing dodgeball game in P.E at school, it’s a bucket load of fun and anyone can play it! It a great way to increase agility, balance, hand-eye coordination and develop strength and hey! It’s not a bad way to relieve some stress. Who knew chucking balls at people could be so beneficial?


We at ONTHEGO love indoor sports which is why we offer easy to order, custom sportswear. You and your team can create your own uniform design through our 3D Team Outfitter where you can choose from a variety of styles, design, and colours as well as adding as many logos, names and numbers as you like. Create a sense of team comradery this season and represent in style with new uniforms


Indoor sports
Our Favourite Indoor Sports

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