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Don't overlook these critical factors when it comes to High-Vis Apparel!

High visibility clothing plays a huge part when it comes to protection. It is also essential when it comes to some sports uniforms. There are 3 different types of high visibility material, dependant on whether you need it for day or night wear. Read more about where high visibility apparel here.

What are the benefits of Social Sport?

What is Social Sport?

Social Sport can include any form of sport, and range from big organizations, such as universities where the students play, to smaller clubs where member’s are mostly watched by family and friends. Some sports teams are owned and supported by non-sports related companies, others operate through fundraising and club donations.

Tips for choosing the right colours

At ONTHEGO (OTG), we want to provide customers with total customisation of their sportswear. Whether it’s putting your own name or logo on your workout gear, or looking to create a team uniform visible from space, we’ve got you covered.

The Evolution of Activewear

You wear it to the gym, on a hike or even just for a dash to the shops. Activewear is everywhere these days. And why not? It’s so darn comfortable to wear, even if you’re not planning on doing anything remotely active that day.

OnTheGo Turns 4

ACT Exporters' Network

How can you create a sporting goods exporting company from a small bedroom in a family home?


Just ask Mick Spencer, CEO or CMO (Chief Moving Officer) of OnTheGo®.

Founded in late 2009, a 19-year-old Mick started OnTheGo® out of his bedroom in the family home, with the business quickly expanding to his father’s wood turning shed. Four years later Mick now owns one of Australia’s fastest growing sporting goods export companies.

The idea for OnTheGo® manifested itself when Mick realised that certain customers weren’t being served in the sports market.

Branson does the business for Mick

Canberra business young gun Mick Spencer sat alongside entrepreneur extraordinaire Sir Richard Branson at a special event this week for The University of Queensland's Business School. The 22-year-old is founder of Canberra outfit OnTheGo, which sells custom-branded sports gear to businesses and teams around Australia.

“I started my business in my parents' shed three years ago with $150 in my back pocket,” Spencer told UQ News.

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Queensland and the future of business

Giving people the tools early in life to encourage entrepreneurship could help stimulate more new businesses, and develop the leaders of the future. The brands that will thrive in the coming years need to do business like there is a tomorrow. So I think all three issues are intrinsically linked.

Branson tells UQ forum not to waste money on degrees

Mick Spencer, a young business leader and successful entrepreneur who sat with Sir Richard on the panel, agreed with the Virgin boss's appraisal. 

The 22-year-old OnTheGo founder said universities teach people to become employees, not employers, and that undergraduates interning at his company often said they learned more on the job than in the lecture theatre.

"It would be better if there was more real-life experience put into universities," he said.