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Business students not to waste money on degrees

Richard Branson has told an audience of Australian business students essentially not to waste money on degrees.

Mick Spencer, 22, a successful local entrepreneur who sat with Branson on the panel, agreed with the Virgin boss, adding that universities taught people to become employees.

"It would be better if there was more real-life experience put into universities."

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The Future of Business

There’s been a lot of talk about the 'future of' things this week.

Tomorrow the Queensland Plan Summit kicks off, the Government looking for ideas to guide our state over the next three decades. But today it was the future of business in the spotlight at a Q&A held by the University of Queensland.

Billionaire Richard Branson was the guest of honour - no doubt about his business credentials, he's worth just over 4 billion! 

There was however a man sitting next to Richard Branson on stage today, that was a bit of a mystery!

Lunch with Richard Branson

In an Australian first, 22 year-old entrepreneur Mick Spencer has secured a spot alongside Sir Richard Branson at the UQ Business School lunch event NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A on Thursday, 9 May 2013 where he will join a panel of five leading business minds to discuss the future of global business.

Q&A with Richard Branson

A 22-year-old entrepreneur will sit alongside Sir Richard Branson at a major University of Queensland Business School event next week, after winning a competition on LinkedIn.

Mick Spencer, sole founder of Canberra-based business OnTheGo, will sit on a five-person panel headlined by Branson at NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A at UQ Business School on May 9.

Up to 1500 people are expected to attend this event, including government representatives and UQ Business School alumni. The panel will discuss the future of global business.

Entrepreneur Secures Lunch With Richard Branson

Entrepreneur Mick Spencer has secured a spot alongside Sir Richard Branson at The University of Queensland's Business School lunch event. 

Up to 1,500 people will attend NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A, including Government representatives, students from Brisbane's key high schools and UQ Business School alumni. 

Five of the most thought-provoking questions relating to the future of business have been chosen for panel discussion, out of many entries from the business community. 

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Young Australian choose to start career

UNIVERSITY is a waste of time and money, according to a number of young Australians who are skipping study to start their careers straight out of high school.

These Aussies believe there is no education like real-life experience and are opting to work full time or start their own business rather than spend three years studying.

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New Race Team Launched

ONE of Canberra's top young entrepreneurs has launched his own professional mountain bike racing team on the back of the booming popularity of the sport in the national capital.

Mick Spencer, a 22-year-old whose international sportswear business has cracked the $1 million turnover mark, has now started OnTheGo racing - a team spearheaded by Australian title holder and five-time world champion Jason English.

The team accepts amateurs and has been launched at a time when the popularity of mountain biking is increasing in the ACT.

High flyers out of the basement

Yet to finish his degree because of business commitments - is Mick Spencer, 22, founder of OnTheGo. Mr Spencer said his business cut back on much of what it did to focus on its strengths.

He started his business - which designs, manufactures and distributes custom-branded sportswear - from his parents' garage with $150, of which $142 was spent on registering the enterprise.

As the operation was in the process of cracking the seven-figure turnover mark, it was also reducing the sports it serviced, now focusing more on sports such as soccer, cycling and rugby union.

My Small Business

Mick Spencer & OnTheGo Features on Kochie's Business Builders!

We were lucky enough to have the founder of the brand; Mick Spencer to be featured on the famous Kochie's Business Builders TV Show with Startup Guru - Mat Beeche

Entrepreneur OnTheGo from the very beginning

Founder Mick Spencer was featured in the My Small Business section on The Age website. Read the story of how Mick made OnTheGo his once dream a successful business that continues to grow.

“I’d grown up in a family that was all for going out on your own and having a go,” he says. “I just love that hustling way of life, going out there and trying to earn your own money off your own bat.”

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