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Looking after your lycra and your body

Ride Around Oz

Expert tips for really really long rides


6 days and 10,000m of vertical climbing later and the Captains Ride 2016 is over.


Greg McDermott our Ride Around Oz extraordinaire is still slogging it out on day 63 of his 79 day ride around Australia.


With these events in mind, it’s a good time to appreciate how tough these long rides really are on your body and your lycra.


Steve Waugh takes strike for a brave innings

Steve Waugh Foundation

Daniel Lane Contributor Exclusive for Sportsta on Steve Waughs most important innings.


On the final day of The Captains Ride 2016 the riders head for Mt Kosciusko. Sportsta here focuses on the reasons the ride exists and the origins from where it came. The cause for children with Rare Diseases that Steve and his wife Lynette support with their work in the Steve Waugh Foundation.


See the full article on the Sportsta website:


Moving Mountains For The Orphans of the Health Care System

Captain's Ride - Steve Waugh Foundation

Steve Waugh is a former Australian cricket captain and the founder of the Steve Waugh Foundation, which supports children and young adults with rare diseases.


On Day 3 of The Captains Ride, Steve Waugh has been named this week’s Changemaker for Pro Bono Australia. Wendy Williams caught up with Steve about transition from sport to non-profit, his foundation and preparing for The Captains Ride.



Steve Waugh

Alan Talks to the former Australian cricket captains about his “Captains Ride: Fundraiser

Jones and Waugh have a chat ahead of The Captains Ride for the Steve Waugh Foundation, putting Rare Diseases on the map.

Listen to Alan Jones – Steve Waugh

Waugh's wound ahead of charity ride

Former skipper takes a spill off his bike as he warms up for epic 701km Captain's Ride


Steve Waugh has had a nasty fall while training for The Captains Ride over the weekend. He assured us the ONTHEGO kit held strong but coming off the bike at 45kms an hour is never good.


Read more thanks to 


Steve Waugh gets on his bike to lead The Captain’s Ride for charity

Steve Waugh and Adam Goodes

“My name is Steve and I am a competitive bastard”


Lalor with an interesting take on Steve Waugh and how leading the Captains Ride and a reptilian urge for sweat and pain are a part of him.

Full article posted in The Australian here:

Whites Traded for Lycra on Captain’s Ride

Steve Waugh and Adam Goodes


Tony Fort and Steve Waugh team up once more for The Captain's Ride


Article posted in Newcastle Herald on October 19, 2016.


Riderless bike leads the way for Steve Waugh’s Captain’s Ride


This world first and will have a 360-degree camera which allows children to experience the 6-day ride from their homes.

Awesome work by Havas and The Steve Waugh Foundation in creating an inclusive and unique experience for the children they support.

Simon Canning from Mumbrella explains the story behind the riderless bike.


Story at:


Former Australian Test captain Steve Waugh and other former sporting stars to ride 701km for charity

Steve Waugh and Adam Goodes


We are so excited to be riding with the Steve Waugh Foundation for Rare Diseases. The team at the Steve Waugh Foundation have done an awesome job raising awareness for the cause. Check out the below article featured in The Daily Telegraph yesterday!


Stay up to date with The Captains Ride here at OTG News!


The Captains Ride – October 29 – Nov 3, 2016.   


ONTHEGO Sports is riding with The Steve Waugh Foundation for Rare Diseases

ONTHEGO Sports is excited to launch its partnership with The Steve Waugh Foundation and The Captains Ride, putting rare diseases on the map.


The Steve Waugh Foundation supports children and young adults with rare diseases.


“The rare disease patient is the orphan of the health system, often without diagnosis, without treatment, without research and therefore, without reason to hope.”