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Welcome to episode 36, brought to you by our sponsors, Tortured Gum Brewery and Brainspace.

In this episode, we catch up with Mick Spencer from OnTheGo Sports.

10: How to Manage and Create High Growth, from $150 to Multi-Million Dollar Business with Mick Spencer of ONTHEGO

In episode 10 on #MerryBiz we chat to sportsman, adventurer, eternal optimist and entrepreneur.
In 2011 he found his purpose: to build a global sports brand that gives back to those in need.
Facing adversity since childhood, our guest realised the potential of sport and how it can empower individuals.
He’s the founder of ONTHEGO, which began as a small startup in the backyard shed… and is now a multi-million dollar business.

Dual award wins for sports apparel brand OnTheGo Sports

Canberra-based sports apparel brand ONTHEGO Sports has had its business success acknowledged with the receipt of two awards: in the Exporting to Asia category at the ACT Exporter of the Year 2015 Award and with receipt of the ACT Government’s Sports Technologies Business Excellence Award.

Founded in 2011, OnTheGo was established to revolutionise the customized sports apparel industry and pioneer social impact in sport through its one4one® initiative.

ONTHEGO Wins Business Excellence Award 2015 - Australian Sports Technology Network


Well, they say bad things happen on Friday 13th, but today my amazing team and company proved this wrong! November 13th 2015, ONTHEGO Sports won the 2015 Business Excellence awards from the Australian Sports Technology Network. 

It is a marvellous achievement,  that we are humbled to receive the award, and the $5,000 cheque we can pour into product fund, fun fund!

The Burley Griffin Canoe Club flying the flag at the NSW marathon series


THE flatwater marathon racing contingent of Canberra’s Burley Griffin Canoe Club have been training hard for the last race of the 2015 NSW marathon series, which will be held at Burrill Lake on the NSW south coast this Saturday, October 17.

The series of 10 races, conducted under the auspices of the peak paddlesports body PaddleNSW, is held throughout the state and the ACT—as far afield as Wagga Wagga and Wyong.

AUSTRALIA verses NEW ZEALAND Trans Tasman Test Teams

I travelled with the Australian Senior Test Team to Taupo, New Zealand to compete in the 2015 Trans Tasman Test. I missed this event last year due to surgery and was so excited to make the Australian team again and compete this year. The event also ran the New Zealand North Island Titles. This was a chance for me to catch up with some of my Kiwi friends and race in a country I love, almost as much as Australia.

ONTHEGO SPORTS takes out ACT Exporter of the year Award 2015 – Exporting to Asia

Breakthrough sports apparel brand ONTHEGO® Sports has won the ACT Exporter of the Year 2015 Award – Exporting to Asia category, and become a finalist in Online Sales & Manufacturing categories at The ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards. These awards are considered to be the Territory's most prestigious business awards.

Design what you want: The 3 Reasons why Mass Customisation is the future of retail.


The words out. Bain & Co have reports that now over 30% of shoppers would opt to customise a product if they had the opportunity to do so.

Because of customisation players, retailers, manufacturers and service companies are needing to now re-look at their business with a magnifying glass. Gone are the days of putting out a product range 2 years in advance and hoping it hits your stock turn days, and refreshing stock with 12 - 16 week turnarounds.

Customers are the boss, and they have the biggest influence of trends, styles and patterns.