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The Pros and Cons of Ice Hockey


Ice hockey is a fast-moving sport that takes a lot of skill to play at all, let alone to play well. It is a contact sport played on an ice-rink, usually with six players on each team. The objective is to propel a puck past the goal line and into the net which is guarded by the goalkeeper.

Hockey Australia


Just under two years ago, in mid-2017, we announced that we had become Hockey Australia’s brand-new Official Apparel Supplier. This was a moment that would make it into the OTG history books! The new partnership meant that we were able to kit-out high-performance field hockey teams, such as the Kookaburras and the Hockeyroos.

Woden Weston Football Club


Last year, Woden Weston Football Club embraced ONTHEGO as their new uniform provider. Their order included Sublimated Hoodies, TeamTek Soccer Shorts, TeamTek Soccer Jerseys and Team Socks.

The Year in Reflection


As 2018 comes to a close, we thought we would take this opportunity to look back on the most pivotal year in ONTHEGO history!

Our Top 10 Designs from 2018


Our Top 10 Custom Apparel Designs From 2018!

Western Suburbs Concrete


Earlier this year, ONTHEGO was engaged by Jessica and the team at Western Suburbs Concrete to design and deliver 250x ActivTek Softshell Jackets. The team at Western Suburbs Concrete needed the jackets in a mixture of colours, designs, and sizing, ranging from high-vis through to the standard colour range.

The 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Sport is one of the most popular activities in Australia, with the country being known for its success in sports, specifically cricket. Social sport is becoming more and more popular with younger generations, with childrens starting to play and train when they are as young as pre-school aged.

The History of Cricket Uniforms

With the cricket season drawing closer, we thought we would take this opportunity to have a look back at Australia’s most popular Summer sport, and the uniforms behind the game.

Cricket Whites

10 Ways to Look Amazing in The Gym!

Most people go to the gym to look good away from the gym, right? Well, what about looking good at the gym as well?

Trying to look your best while dripping in sweat isn’t something that is necessarily easy, which is why we have come up with a list of tips and tricks, to help you out! Keep on reading for more information.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Indoor Sport

We all know that sport is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy, meet new people and have fun! However, come Winter, when the temperature is near freezing, a lot of us lose the motivation to get out and exercise.


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