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Our Favourite Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are becoming increasingly popular with more indoor sports centres and leagues available. There are many advantages to choosing indoor sport one is the great courts you get to play on, remaining unweathered and consistent every game.

Weekly Favourites: World PVNH Disorder Awareness Day and Fit Kicks

One of the most rewarding aspects of providing custom team wear to our customers is seeing them in action! The possibilities are endless with our 3D Team Outfitter, which makes it the more exciting when we get to see our customer's designs become a reality. From simple to extravagant they always put a smile on our faces.  

Why Social Sport is the Sport for you

Are you thinking of picking up a sport this season or you want to try something new? Social sport could be the answer for you. Besides from having a tonne of fun, there are many benefits that you might not be aware of.

Top 10 Australian Sports by Participation

Sport has always played a major role in the lives of Australians. It is a part of our way of life, our culture, which is why over 90% of Australians either watch, play or engage with Australian sport. We have produced some of the greatest sportsmen in the world, and our team’s performances have smashed expectations of what a country of our size could achieve. 

Weekly Favourites: Hall & Prior Aged Care, Port City Church and Italia Tourism.

The annual City 2 Surf last weekend saw many of our customers representing in their custom team shirts. We at ONTHEGO are always proud of our involvement in the Australian community, and this week was no exception with our picks this week taking part in events to help raise money for their chosen charities. Our customer favourites include Hall & Prior Aged Care, Port City Church and Italia tourism.  


What to wear when you go cycling

Starting to Ride? Not sure how to decipher what cycling gear you should be wearing? Whether you’re riding around town, reaching more intensive distances or starting to race, there is the right gear for you.

CUSTOMIZ Your Team Outfitter: A step by step guide for businesses

Ordering and designing corporate wear for your workplace should not be a hassle. ONTHEGO has made it easy by giving you the design freedom and accessibility of online ordering to create a solution that best fits your business.