Custom Triathlon Singlets - Design Your Own

Design Custom Triathlon Singlets

Custom Triathlon Singlets - Design Your Own






Custom Triathlon Singlets - Design Your Own

Whether competing as a novice or a seasoned racer in a triathlon, ONTHEGO can help you race your best with your own Custom Triathlon Singlets, Triathlon Suits or Triathlon Uniforms. Being able to design and customise your own triathlon gear online won't just enhance your appearance during your race, it can help to improve your overall triathlon performance.

The high-quality material used in making the Custom Triathlon Singlets allow for comfort and flexibility during all three segments of the race. Since each race portion uses different muscles and movements, it's important to have a tri suit that can adjust to each of the events. The spandex/lycra material dries quickly which makes it more comfortable when transitioning from the swim to the bike. Also, the quick-drying material won't weigh you down once you work up a sweat during the race.

Additionally, our Custom Triathlon Singlets have other benefits when it comes to performance. The form-fitting fabric cuts down on drag during each part of the race. The sleek fit allows for a more stream-lined swim as well as a faster bike and run. It also fits easily under a wet suit if one is being used in the swim.

The sport of triathlon isn't for everyone, but if you are going to go the distance and train hard, you want to have tri gear that is going to support you every step of the way.