10 Best Soccer Goals In FIFA History

10 Best Soccer Goals In FIFA History


While all goals are technically worth just 1 point each, they certainly aren’t all scored in the same way. Some of the greatest goals ever have been scored during football’s notorious FIFA World Cup.

We thought we would take a look back at some of the very best goals in FIFA history. Here are our top 10!


1. Diego Maradona – Argentina 1986

It only took Diego Maradona 11 seconds to go from inside his own half to beating five defenders and getting around the goalkeeper. This was known as the Goal of The Century, and is a moment that will live on forever in the minds of FIFA fans. 


2. Pele – Brazil 1958

This goal was scored by 17-year-old Pele, who had already made history on the day he scored his goal as being the youngest person to ever play in a FIFA final. His goal helped the team win the 1958 FIFA World Cup, and was only the start of his amazing career.


3. Maxi Rodriguez - Argentina 2006

Maxi Rodriguez’s moment of fame came in the Knockout Round Match, when he scored the goal that put Argentina into the quarterfinals.


4. Dennis Bergkamp - Holland 1998

Dennis Bergkamp took Frank de Boer’s ball mind-air, leaving Roberto Ayala on his own before delivering a stunning finishing goal.


5. Landon Donovan, USA 2010

Landon Donovan slammed the ball into the goal in Round 16. This goal was enough to have fans everywhere on their feet.


6. James Rodriguez – Colombia 2014

In Columbia’s first appearance at the FIFA World Cup since 1998, James Rodriguez’s goal catapulted the team into the quarterfinals. This goal won the 2014 Puskas Award and Best Goal of The Tournament not only for the technical skill it took to score this goal, but also for its historical significance.


7. Ronaldinho – Brazil 2002

Ronaldinho had a free kick, which he used to the team’s advantage, missing the keeper and putting the ball in the top corner. While David Beckham said the goals was a “fluke,” Ronaldinho said there was “nothing lucky about it.”


8. Manuel Negrete - Mexico 1986

Manuel Negrete’s monumental scissor kick goal helped Mexico top their best FIFA Word Cup finish, taking them through to the quarterfinals.


9. Siphiwe Tshabalala – South Africa 2010

In South Africa’s game against Mexico at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Siphiwe Tshabalala scored a left-footed goal which he said was for “all of Africa.” The vuvuzelas played whilst the entire stadium celebrated.


10. Saeed Al-Owairan – Saudi Arabia 1994

Not many people knew who Saeed Al-Owairan was until he scored this incredible goal against Belgium at the RFK Stadium. This goal put Saudi Arabia into the Knockout Rounds for the first time ever.


Were you lucky enough to have watched any of these goals live? Which one was your favourite, or do you have another goal that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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10 Best Soccer Goals In FIFA History

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