10 Ways to Look Amazing in The Gym!

10 Ways to Look Amazing in The Gym!

Most people go to the gym to look good away from the gym, right? Well, what about looking good at the gym as well?

Trying to look your best while dripping in sweat isn’t something that is necessarily easy, which is why we have come up with a list of tips and tricks, to help you out! Keep on reading for more information.

1. Stick to The Darker Colours

If you are not yet in the shape you would like to be in, darker colours can help to look you slimmer. If you are already in good shape, they will be flattering. Darker clothing is also key to hiding sweat patches.


2. Stop Looking in The Mirrors

The mirrors in the gym are there to help you keep an eye on your performance. However, if you are checking yourself out constantly, this is going to cut into the valuable time you could be working out. Try to keep your eyes off the mirrors. This will allow you to spend the time burning extra calories.


3. Wear the Right Shoes

If you are wearing running shoes to the gym, you are doing something wrong. Running shoes are meant for running, so leave them out of the gym (unless you are on the treadmill.) For weightlifting, or any strength work, make sure you wear something flat and stable. This will help you achieve your gym goals without fail!


4. Stay Warm with A Comfortable Hoodie

What is the thing that stops you from going to the gym at 5:30am in Winter? Is it the fact that you know it’s -3 degrees outside, and you just can’t bare the thought of braving that temperature so early in the morning? Make sure you have a good hoodie or jacket. Even if you aren’t going to wear it during your session, at least it will encourage you to get there!


5. Stop Taking Breaks

If you are taking a 1 minute break between each 1 minute set, you are wasting half your time doing absolutely nothing. Instead of using half your time to admire your new gym kit, keep your session short, sweet and to the point. This will give you a good sound workout, without wasting your valuable time.


6. Keep It Trim

Unfortunately, baggy apparel doesn’t make you look any slimmer. In fact, it is just going to look scrappy. If you want to look well put together, make sure you choose clothing that is a form fit.


7. Don’t Smell!

When you work out, your skin warms up. When your fragrance is sprayed directly onto warm skin, it intensifies before fading off. Therefore, we recommend you stick to a sportier smell, to ensure whatever you wear isn’t too overwhelming for those working out around time.


8. Wash Your Gym Wear

Again, there is nothing worse than someone who smells. One easy way to prevent smelling bad at the gym, is by regularly washing your gym wear. You might only wear it for an hour each day, but it’s probably best to wash it after each session!


9. Tie Your Hair Up

Even if you have the most incredible hair, will it still look good dripping in sweat? Keep your hair out of your face, and prevent it from becoming disgusting by tying it back while you work out. Simple, yet very effective!


10. Keep Your Skin Fresh

When you exercise, it is best to have skin that is able to breathe. If it is clogged up with makeup, you are likely to develop pimples and other blemishes. If you feel comfortable, try to just have bare skin at the gym. If not, simply wear a tinted moisturiser. This will give you some coverage, without clogging up your pores. 


We hope these 10 little tips and tricks help you out at your next gym session!

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10 Ways to Look Amazing in The Gym!

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