25,000 Spins

25,000 Spins

One of our most cherished and supported charity organisations 25,000 Spins has done it again!

This trip, they have rasied over $36,000 by 10 riders cycling from Geneva to St Mortiz taking in some of Switzerland’s most spectacular scenery. The ride is raising money for people in poverty. Riders have supported Fred Hollows, ADRA, Compassion and The Botswana Orphan Project.

We have supported 25,000 spins for many years now, and when we asked Craig Shipton, founder of 25,000 Spins Charity here’s what he had to say about the process:

The OnTheGo Customisation process - takes you from concept ideas in your mind, to an awesome professional, technical and durable Cycling Jersey & Bib Knicks that the riders with 25000spins love. Time and again riders comment on the design and quality of the kit, and we get asked all around the world, who is making your kit!. Thanks OnTheGo for giving us an opportunity to build products beyond what we ever thought was possible.

Follow & Donate to 25,000 Spins, or become involved in their many world wide adventures! http://www.25000spins.com

Products worn for Swiss Tour: AeroTek Pro Cycling Jersey & Bib Knicks

25,000 Spins raises $36,000+ 10 Riders in OnTheGo gear in Geneva

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