5 Hottest Tradies Trends For 2019

5 Hottest Tradies Trends For 2019

Keep your suits in the closet, and be ready to put on some tradies workwear this year. This year is turning out to be a big hit for causal wears with more and more people skipping the whole formal attire. If you look around closely, you will notice an insane amount of high vis shirts, and custom high vis vests making the rounds across the street. One would imagine that part of the reason why there is a new wave is the fact that tradies workwear are not so difficult to pull off when compared to other styles. This construction worker style is part of the new streetwear wave, and it is comfortable to wear. Just put on your stylish high vis vest, and accentuate it with other core pieces, and you are good to go. The good news is that tradies workwear aren't just for men alone. The start of 2019 is seeing more and more women becoming tradies friendly each day. The amazing thing is that you are more likely to see women on a custom high vis vests in 2019, than any previous year. So, this upward trend is making most fashionistas wonder if the tradies style won't take over the women's wardrobe. Talking about trends, let's look at some of the hottest tradies trends for 2019.
  • Worker pants

    This trend is made to be comfy, visually appealing, and stylish. They are the complete casual wear for an enjoyable day out. Use them for the perfect evening outing, or maybe for a stroll in the park. They work on various levels and are guaranteed to give you maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Over shirts

    A relaxed fit will help you achieve a more workwear look. Go for shirts that you can roll up, and wear them over any type of t-shirts. One of the key elements of tradies workwear is longevity and durability. Essentially, you want to go for a durable piece, so pick fabrics that will last long.

  • Right shoes

    Go for jackets with a shapeless structure that you can comfortably wear over a t-shirt, sleeves, and hoodie. Additionally, the more cargo pockets your jacket comes with, the better.

  • Utility jacket

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  • Extras

    Complete your look using an add-on. It could be tote, or a beanie, or baseball cap or even a backpack. Anyone of these extras will make you look the part complete.

Get yourself a custom high vis vest, and become part of the tradies workwear trend. You don't want to get left behind now, do you?
5 Hottest Tradies Trends For 2019

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