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How can you create a sporting goods exporting company from a small bedroom in a family home?


Just ask Mick Spencer, CEO or CMO (Chief Moving Officer) of OnTheGo®.

Founded in late 2009, a 19-year-old Mick started OnTheGo® out of his bedroom in the family home, with the business quickly expanding to his father’s wood turning shed. Four years later Mick now owns one of Australia’s fastest growing sporting goods export companies.

The idea for OnTheGo® manifested itself when Mick realised that certain customers weren’t being served in the sports market.

“There was a significant unidentified gap in the market, as no one in the world was producing amazing quality sports apparel and accessories that were affordable, and delivered quickly,” said Mick.

“I realised that customers wanted to buy from companies with purpose, and where they had their needs heard, and acted on.”

OnTheGo® started in cycling with a first order of 250 cycling jerseys for the Goulburn Mulwaree Council and since then they have been expanding exponentially.

“Now we supply to more than 20 sports, 70% of the health club market of Australia/New Zealand, and small to large scale events worldwide, including a recent signing of IRONMAN® Asia Pacific.

“Our customers now include sports teams from local to national level, community groups, enterprise, schools and universities, government and charities.”

Mick was born with an eyesight condition and later developed a heart condition but he didn’t let that slow him down, in turn he grew more passionate about sports and was able to find his purpose through his ailments.

“We believe every person deserves the opportunity to live a moving life. This purpose is promoted deeply within our company foundations.”

This resulted in an initiative where OnTheGo® would make extra products on top of each order and donate them to children worldwide so that they have a chance to play sport with quality sporting equipment and apparel.

Building a solid foundation, OnTheGo® is currently exporting to countries such as New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Fiji. The vision extends further and they are being contacted by many other clients in countries such as Canada, China and Papua New Guinea that are ready to jump on board.

For more information about OnTheGo® visit their website:

How can you create a sporting goods exporting company from a small bedroom in a family home?

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