Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Indoor Sport

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Indoor Sport

We all know that sport is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy, meet new people and have fun! However, come Winter, when the temperature is near freezing, a lot of us lose the motivation to get out and exercise.

If you’re not keen on exercising outside during the year’s coldest months, playing an indoor sport is an option. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages. We thought it might be fun to look exactly what these are. If you are thinking of starting an indoor sport, make sure you keep reading!

Advantages :

  1. It’s the perfect alternative to being outdoors, in the cold, wind and rain! No matter what the weather is doing, if you play an indoor sport you will never need to worry about it being called off.
  2. Being in a controlled environment, the playing area is generally a lot easier to play on. For example, there are no bumps, uneven ground, stones or puddles.
  3. Indoor playing areas are a lot smaller than a regular outdoor playing field. This helps to bring the players together, encouraging more networking.


Disadvantages :

  1. Playing indoors is a controlled environment. While this can definitely have its benefits, such as keeping you out of the elements, there is also no wind or sunshine, and can sometimes feel stale. It is completely different to the natural conditions of playing outdoors.
  2. When you are playing indoors, you have limited freedom, due to the constraints of the walls and ceilings. This can make the game a little less interesting at times.
  3. Maintaining an indoor sports venue is costlier than using an outdoor one. For example, building cost, electricity, cleaning, etc.


What do you prefer, playing indoor our outdoor sport?

We would love to find out what you like best and why! Make sure you leave us a comment below!


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Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Indoor Sport

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