The Supercross party moved to Santiago Del Estero Argentina for the fifth round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series.
Always a favourite with the competitors, the grandstands were overflowing and the huge and vocal crowd lent a very party like atmosphere to the event! This year the track had a few upgrades and was even faster and more flowing than previous years.
Under perfect weather conditions, it came down to the riders themselves to perform at their best in front of the raucous crowd, all the while coming to grips with a track that has seen changes to the second and third straight.
It was a return to form for Buchanan. In the Superfinal Time Trial Buchanan finished second to edge out Felecia Stancil (USA) by 0.445 seconds with the result setting up a clash with crowd favorite and reigning Olympic Champion Mariana Pajon, with the Colombian getting the better of Buchanan by 0.53 seconds.
On race day although the outdoor conditions were a little windy, everyone welcomed the comparatively calmer conditions after the wet and wild World Championships in Belgium and the wet and even windier conditions for the World Cup in Sweden when racing was continually halted when wind speeds pushed to over 50 kilometers an hour.
The final was made up of the whos’s who of elite women’s BMX. Buchanan drew a wide lane but was quick out of the gate to go into the first corner in a good position but high enough for Post of the USA to come underneath and edge out Buchanan for the third spot. Although Buchanan fought all the way to the finish line she missed out on a podium spot by just 0.113 seconds.

The finish line result was:
Pajon (COL), Hernandez (VEN), Post (USA), Buchanan (AUS), Crain (USA) Walker (NZ), Smulders (NED) and Reynolds (AUS)
"I love this new remodeled track, they have built up the turns and really beefed up a lot of the straights which has made it more technical so it's fun," Buchanan said.
"The fans here are wild, so it makes it one of the most enjoyable stops for us riders.”

“There are no easy races anymore, there are solid battles amongst the elite women. No one backs down anymore.”

By Caroline Buchanan

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