The Colours of Success: Can Uniform Colour Impact Team Success

The Colours of Success: Can Uniform Colour Impact Team Success

People all over the world have spent thousands of hours researching colours, and the impact they have on human mood and emotions. Through this research, colours have been found to contain psychological factors that can strongly impact how we feel.

Keep reading to find out what some of the most popular colours represent!

Red- Red is considered to be a powerful, physical colour. It signals passion, aggression and importance. It is a dominant colour, and literally increases blood circulation and breathing rates.

Orange- Orange is seen as playful and energetic. Almost like red, but without the aggression. It can also be seen to signify vitality and vibrance.

Yellow- Yellow is a happy and friendly colour, but it also signals warning. It actually activates a part of the brain which can create anxiety. We recommend you use bright yellow carefully, due to its negative connotations.

Green- Green signifies “nature.” It is stable and prosperous, a perfect balance between stimulating colours (eg. red, orange, yellow) and cool colours (eg. blue and purple.) Green definitely stands out, but in a more subtle way than most other colours.

Blue- Blue is the colour of trust. It is serene, friendly and inviting. Being the colour of water and the sky, it is also seen as refreshing, free and calm. Random Fun Fact: What to kill your appetite? Blue will do that for you! This is because blue foods aren’t common in the wild.

Purple- For a very long time, purple has been associated with royalty. This creates a sense of luxury. Darker shades of purple are also considered to represent mystery. Lighter shades of purple represent romance. Darkening the shade of purple will turn the romance to be a little more sensual.

Pink- Pink is considered as a feminine colour. If you want to target a female audience, pink is the way to go! It also symbolises youth and innocence. Pink is often linked with sugar, causing it to be considered “sweet.” It can also be associated with love and romance.

Black- Black is powerful, bold and confident. It represents sophistication with an edge. Like purple, it is quite mysterious. Used correctly, it can also be elegant.

White- White is the opposite of black. It is clean, healthy and effortless. It works well with most other colours, and often represents purity. If you want to soften the feeling of sterility that white brings, we recommend you opt for a cream or ivory instead. It is a little more soft and less of a statement.

When choosing your team’s apparel, strongly consider the colours you will use.

Firstly, will they work with your logo and brand guidelines?

Do you want to come across as aggressive and dominant, perhaps to scare off the competition? Or do you want to come across as trustworthy and friendly?

Carefully take your colours into consideration before you create your apparel. After all, it can seriously change the way you will be perceived.


If you want custom sports and athletic wear that’s made just for you and your team (whatever your style!), get in touch with us today.  


The Colours of Success: Can Uniform Colour Impact Team Success

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