Cricket by Steve Waugh, team wear for clubs launch

Cricket by Steve Waugh, team wear for clubs launch

After our launch of the Cricket by Steve Waugh team wear range we have had some awesome conversations around meeting the needs of team and clubs. Thanks to our supporters in the industry the message is spreading far and wide! See below what Australasian Leisure Management had to say about the new range.  

Story: Australian Leisure Management 


Steve Waugh teams up with ONTHEGO to launch sportswear range for cricket clubs

August 25, 2016


Retail / Sport / Technology


Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh has joined with sports apparel entrepreneur Mick Spencer of ONTHEGO to launch a team wear range for players across the world.

The new Cricket by Steve Waugh product range can now be ordered through ONTHEGO online through ONTHEGO Sports by cricketers anywhere in the world.

Spencer, a fan of Waugh for years, was contacted by the sporting great after his appearance on the Channel Ten reality TV show Shark Tank.

When they met, Waugh explained his Steve Waugh Foundation needed an apparel partner.

Commenting on the results of their meeting, Spencer explained “we brought together a lot of mutual passion.

“We reflected on the needs of the young modern cricket player, what they want to represent and what they want to wear on and off the pitch.

With an estimated 2.5 billion fans around the world, many of whom have strong attachments to the game at club level, Waugh and Spencer want their new product to be accessible for grassroots clubs.

Key retail partners in select areas will also be chosen.

The teamwear includes on-field shirts and trousers as well as off-field tops, jackets, kit bags, backpacks and drink bottles.

Spencer explains “Steve has hand-picked and partnered with a company that can provide a solution to all the struggles surrounding the issues found by clubs and teams in every corner of the globe.

“And this solution will ensure the sense of distinction, pride, performance and empowerment that is felt when you put on your club’s uniform.”

The Steve Waugh brand brings with it the same attributes that distinguished his career - leadership, pride, unity and passion.

Speaking about the release of the new clothing line, Waugh stated “I was privileged to represent my country Australia and wear the fabled ‘baggy green’ 168 times.

“(With OnTheGo) I wanted to create a range of products that looked and felt vibrant and energetic, through colour and design flexibility.

“Every team should feel connected and united as one, and a big part of that is how you look both on and off the field and the message it sends to your opposition.

“This is an easy and fast process, to be able to order all your team wear and accessories, so you can spend more time practicing for the next game.

“This range I’ve built with ONTHEGO will ensure you have the platform to launch into your journey, and to be the best you can be.”

Waugh, an Officer of the Order of Australia and 2004 Australian of the Year, scored more than 10,000 Test runs in his career.

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