Customer in The Spotlight: Century Strength and Conditioning

Customer in The Spotlight: Century Strength and Conditioning


Century Strength and Conditioning is Canberra’s largest outdoor fitness provider. As of February this year, ONTHEGO has had the privilege to work with Mel Bingley and the Century Team through their re-branding process to bring them new, quality uniforms for both their coaches and athletes. Earlier this week, we sat down with Mel to find out more about her experience of working with OTG.



“Being from Canberra, our Co-Founder and Head Coach, Steve Bingley knew Mick (OTG’s CEO) from high school days,” Mel explained. She said that Century had been wanting to work with OTG for some time, with the re-branding process the perfect opportunity for the company to engage OTG to work on their new product range. Mel says Century “really connected with OTG’s philanthropic side and sense of community,” so choosing to go ahead and do business was easy.

Mel explains that after their initial meeting with Mick and our ACT Sales Agent, Kris. they left feeling “valued and important.” She said they “went away from the first meeting feeling really confident about working with OTG.” Since the initial meeting, Mel explains that they have felt OTG is “very personable and caring, with Kris being very accommodating” with their “relentless drive for perfection.”

OTG worked with Century to create a full kit for both the coaches and the athletes. The coaches kit included Puffer Jackets, Softshell Jackets, the ActivTek T-shirt, Zip-up Hoodie, Pullover Hoodie and Caps. The athletes range included Rain Jackets, the ActivTek T-shirt, LifeStyl T-shirt, Zip-up Hoodie, Pullover Hoodie, Beanie and Cap.



Mel explains that both the coaches and athletes found the quality of the garments to be “fabulous.” “We were also quite impressed with how we received the finished product,” explains Mel. “The products were individually wrapped with swing tags and clear markings on each packet which meant we could manage stock at a glance and it stays in pristine condition until unwrapped.”

Trading since 2010, Century now employs eight coaches, with a combined 50+ years of military service and backgrounds in martial arts, callisthenics, yoga, ultra-running, strongman and resilience training. The company also work with several industry affiliates, including Functional Health Canberra, Evergreen Yoga, and Evergreen Yoga Canberra. The hard-working team at Century really have built the business from the ground up, and are looking forward to everything else that is yet to come.

Century Strength and Conditioning’s signature course, the Outdoor Group Conditioning, is based on tried and tested strength and conditioning methods influencer by it’s founder’s disciplined background. The signature course is combined with high performance, science based athletic techniques that ensure a great physiological response in a short amount of time.

“Our periodised program is broken up into weekly microcycles, monthly mesocycles, and form part of a yearly macrocycle.” Mel explained that each cycle is developed with specific targets and goals to accelerate the results and ensure growth and aid recovery.

Mel believes that the one particular thing that really drives their athletes is the diversity. She says it is something they are “immensely proud of.” From parents to grandparents, business professionals to students, everyone is welcomed with open arms at Century. Mel says they are at the “heart and soul of Century, and many of them have been training with our team since we first started coaching here in Canberra.”



Account Manager’s Notes

“The most rewarding thing about working with a company such as Century Strength & Conditioning doesn’t lie within the ‘supplier’ spectrum of our company. The most rewarding portion is feeling as though you are making their dreams come to life. Almost as if you are part of their organisation. Although there are always going to be challenges, having the ability to work on a solution together in order to achieve a common goal, and show how versatile and nimble not only our products are but also our online capability goal is beyond rewarding. Thank you Steve and Mel from Century, I sincerely hope this is part of a long and enduring partnership.” – Kris Milne, ACT/NSW Sales Agent.

Photo credit: Alexandra Orme Photography (@aopbusiness)

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Customer in The Spotlight: Century Strength and Conditioning

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