Don’t leave your team in the cold this Winter!

Don’t leave your team in the cold this Winter!

Australia’s Coldest Winter EVER?

You’ve probably heard it on the news – “Australia is set to have the coldest winter ever.” And you can probably feel it, too. It’s not even Mid-May, and yet you have already been putting the heaters on every night for the last 6 weeks, and your electric blanket is on your bed and certainly not coming off any time soon!

It sounds like you’ve got the whole “keeping warm” thing covered, at home, anyway. But what about on the sports field, or at work? Even though 2018 is going to be the coldest Winter you have ever experienced, it doesn’t have to feel like it! Not with ONTHEGO’s customised Winter apparel.

Before Winter hits and it gets even colder, make sure you have a plan for keeping your team warm! After all, nobody performs well when the only thing they can think of is how cold they are.



Why Is It Important to Keep Your Team Warm?

Your Mum probably told you to “wear a jacket or you’ll get sick!” when you were a kid, are we right? And you probably got annoyed with her constant nagging.

However, there’s a reason your Mum kept telling you this; our bodies are far more susceptible to picking up an illness whilst we are cold.

When we get cold, our heart pumps additional blood supplies to our most vital organs. However, this leaves limbs such our toes and fingers without a sufficient supply. With the lack of blood in some parts of our bodies, we have a lack of white blood cells.

White blood cells are the little things that help to fight off the first signs of illness. Without enough of these in certain parts of your body, it means you are not going to be able to fight off bugs that enter your body.

Bugs love colder temperatures. So, once they have entered your body, they are going to thrive. This means you will start to notice the effects within just hours.



What You Can Do to Keep Your Team Warm This Winter

Aside from the health problems, our bodies struggle to work properly when we are cold. Our focus is simply on how cold we feel, and our muscles aren’t warmed up and able to work properly. On the sports field, this means we are also open to injury.

With all these problems in mind, do you really want your team to risk getting sick, injured or performing poorly this season? To avoid all these issues, there’s one simple thing you need to do – kit your team out in good quality Winter apparel!

Check out our Kit Builder to find the perfect apparel for your team this Winter. Customise your pieces to suit you needs, and have your order delivered to your door within 5 weeks – just in time for when Winter really settles in!



If you want custom sports and athletic wear that’s made just for you and your team (whatever your style!), get in touch with us today.  


Don’t leave your team in the cold this Winter!

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