Embrace the Blooming of Spring!

Embrace the Blooming of Spring!

Spring officially arrived a couple of weeks ago. You can feel it in the air, breathing in and smelling the new life after what has been a very long and icy Winter. We are pretty excited to see some of the first buds blossoming, and we are certainly taking advantage of the little bit of extra daylight at the end of each day. Spring is the time for rejuvenation, for breaking out of the cold, refreshing your vibe, and getting ready for the long Summer ahead.

One of the most exciting things about embracing the new season is the opportunity to take off the thousands of layers we have been forced to wear this Winter, and indulge in the new fashion vibes this season has to offer.

During Winter, the most popular fashion colours often seem to be dark – blacks, dark blues, greys, and navy. While these colours are alluring in their own way, everyone seems to be tired of them at the end of the season.

Our Teamwear and Fashion Specialists have personally hand-picked some colours from our colour chart that are going to be trending this Spring. We invite you to have sneak-speak to help you get prepared for the season ahead.


GOLD (Pantone 109 C)

Gold is a confident colour, purveying bright liveliness. This colour glimmers with joy. We believe it is going to illuminate the world this Spring.


SYDNEY RED (Pantone 485 C)

Sydney Red demands attention. It’s a statement that bleeds heat. This red is a courageous colour that can’t be ignored.


BABY BLUE (Pantone 277 C)

Baby Blue isn’t just for babies. It is the colour of the sky on a perfect Spring day. Baby blue is expansive and represents a brand new day.


MAROON (Pantone 188 C)

While a dark Maroon could be seen as having Winter connotations, we feel that our Maroon brings an earthy touch to the bright colours of Spring.


LAVENDAR (Pantone 2562 C)

Soft and full of charm, Lavender has a romantic vibe with a sense of soothing.


PERSIMMON (Pantone 805 C)

Understated, yet in some forms almost bold, Persimmon is a fun colour that works well on most skin tones, especially when we start to get a little tanned.


DEEP TEAL (Pantone 3275 C)

Modern with a splash of retro, Deep Teal is a version of green that mostly looks fantastic when it comes to fashion. The undertones of this colour introduces a new depth to Spring’s look and feel.


PURPLE HEART (Pantone 7447 C)

Purple Heart is a shade that is fascinating and intriguing. It is original, yet introduces a sense of magic.


CHOCOLATE (Pantone 483 C)

Our Chocolate brings strength and substance to our chosen Spring colours, allowing them to pop.


PALE PURPLE (Pantone 524 C)

This colour reminds us of the fresh blossoms on the cherry trees. Pale Purple has a delicate sense that brings nostalgia to garment.


VIVID PURPLE (Pantone Purple C)

Vivid Purple is expressive and witty. It almost summons you in with its tantalizing charm.


LIME (Pantone 382 C)

A sharp colour, Lime is striking like the fruit itself. This colour is sure to bring a punch to Spring fashion this season.


If you want to fit in with Spring’s upcoming fashion trends whilst also managing to stand out, we recommend you go ahead and create your own unique pieces using these fresh seasonal colours. If you want to introduce other colours to your apparel, don’t stress. We have over 50 to choose from.

Which colour was your favourite? We would love if you let us know!

If you want custom sports and athletic wear that’s made just for you and your team (whatever your style!), get in touch with us today.  


Embrace the Blooming of Spring!

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