The Evolution of Aussie Rules Uniforms

The Evolution of Aussie Rules Uniforms

Australian Rules Football has come a long way with over 150 years of evolution. Who knew that a game created for cricketers to play during their off season could become the national legacy it is today. From its humble beginnings in Melbourne in 1859, Australian Rules has grown to the game it is currently, with many milestones along the way.


Did you know that the first football fields were in fact rectangular?


Since 1859 the game expanded becoming Victorian Rules, before spreading to other states and in the early 1900s becoming the Australasian Game of Football. One of the most noticeable changes in Australian Rules history is the uniforms, drastically evolving throughout time.  


Did you know early in the development of the game captains often acted as umpires?


Source: State Library of Victoria



When Australian football first game on the scene players started wearing lace up canvas guernseys. Without much stretch or give they were designed to make it hard for the competitors to grab them by their clothing. Woollen Jerseys with rolled necks were later introduced as well as players starting to wear sleeveless jerseys. Originally it was common for players to wear sleeves however over time sleeveless has become the new norm with singlets now worn in the AFL. The 1970s saw synthetic fabrics being used for on-field uniforms and eventually the banning of lace- up jerseys due to finger injuries.  


Did you know that jersey numbers were not used until 1911 due to growing numbers of spectators?



Long trousers were preferred in the early days of football, finishing past the knee accompanied with long socks for protection. However, the length became shorter resulting in the AFL Shorts we are familiar with today. Due to colour television becoming popular players started wearing coloured shorts to match their uniforms.


Source: Museum Victoria



High leather boots were originally worn with leather studs before 1950s before plastic stops and soles were produced. Before 1970s hard toed boots were used but were deemed quite dangerous when contact with another player was made, therefore soft- toed boots were worn also helping plays with speed and kicking power. The lower cut boots that are worn today were eventually preferred for ease of movement.


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The Evolution of Aussie Rules Uniforms

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