EXCLUSIVE: 'The first time is daunting': Jason Dundas admits he is no longer phased by stripping off for the catwalk...as he launches new clothing line

EXCLUSIVE: 'The first time is daunting': Jason Dundas admits he is no longer phased by stripping off for the catwalk...as he launches new clothing line

Jason Dundas has returned to Australia for the David Jones Spring Summer launch this week, as well as his first ever Dundas Fit clothing collection.
And with the 33-year-old model set to strut his stuff in his underwear on the runway during the parade, the TV presenter told Daily Mail Australia on Sunday it's no longer something that makes him nervous.
'The first time you strut down the catwalk's pretty daunting and then after that it's pretty easy,' Jason confessed.
The handsome hunk got a lot of attention after last year's runway reveal of his ripped torso and muscular physique, with the model admitting to a strict pre-show diet. 
But 12 months on and the Entertainment Tonight correspondent is taking a different approach to get runway ready.
'I don't really diet at all anymore, I just eat a certain way and that just allows me to look a certain way that helps with my career,' the David Jones ambassador told DMA.
And judging by photos from his photo shoot around Sunday on Sunday, the TV personality is doing just fine without a diet, as he showed off his bulging biceps and toned abs in tights and a baseball cap. 
After studying at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York over the past year, Jason has become a qualified health coach, which he says has changed 'my take on nutrition a lot'.

Although the star, who is now based in LA, does admit to a cheat day every week, revealing: 'I'll definitely have something fun after the show for sure.'
While some TV personalities get uncomfortable having their body under the microscope, Jason doesn't mind the objectification of his fine figure.
'I think anything that promotes being healthy,making it conversation and making it seem cool is a great thing,' he said.
'I also wanna inspire guys,' he added, of showing off his fit figure on the catwalk.
'I wanna say "hey guys it's great to be fit and healthy, you can do all these amazing things", obviously that's a priority.'
Hitting the gym most days of the week and enjoying hiking as well as surfing, the fitness fanatic felt there was a gap in the market for fashionable yet versatile athletic wear for men, which inspired his newest venture, Dundas Fit.
'You can wear your gym clothes and go into a cafe with your mates at lunch and not feel like you're out of place and not feel like you're in the wrong clothes. 
'So I made a range that's both socially acceptable and fashion forward enough to wear in a social setting and you can look fashionable enough and a little cooler in the gym,' he said.

Drawing on his design background, which he studied at university, coupled with his work in fashion and his passion for health and fitness, Jason went about to create a line of basics, that he has been promoting heavily via social media.
'The birth of the brand came from when I started the hashtag Dundas Fit a couple years ago just to build a community online for people to share health tips.' 
And it very quickly evolved into something else, thanks for his almost 40,000 Instagram followers.
'For me the idea was to create neutral, simple clothes guys can wear in any scenario,' he told DMA of the range, singling out his black shorts and heather-grey tank top as his favourites.
The first Dundas Fit collection will launch through selected David Jones stores and online on August 9, with more details of the range on the website.
To read official article click here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3183060/Jason-Dundas-admits-no-longer-phased-stripping-catwalk.html


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