Get Fit for Summer in Just A Few Easy Steps

Get Fit for Summer in Just A Few Easy Steps

We are well into Spring, which means that the warmer whether is starting to shine through, and we are getting excited about spending long days on the beach and in the pool. However, we are all more than aware of what it feels like to stripping down to your swimmers after a long season of being able to hide that extra layer under jumpers and scarves. Here are some tips and tricks for when it comes to getting in shape for Summer.


Set Real Goals

If you set unrealistic goals, unfortunately you are only going to fail. As harsh as this may sound, it’s true for everyone. Let’s face it, how long can you really go just drinking juice and eating salad? Are you really going to be able to hit the gym for 2 hours every morning and 2 hours every evening? Nobody has time for that!

Take some time to think about what you do have time for. If you are able to fit your workout routine into your daily schedule, you are going to more likely to stick to it, even when you aren’t quite feeling it.


Forget About the Diet

When you put yourself on a strict diet, all you can think about is food; What are you allowed to eat? When it is time to eat? Wouldn’t a bar of chocolate be good right now!

Instead of putting yourself on a diet, just ensure you eat a smaller portion at every meal. Ensure you have a smaller serving of protein and a higher serving of fibre. Try to introduce more vegetables and fruits into your daily meals, whilst slowly eliminating the more fattening foods.


Cut Out Sweet Drinks

It’s easy to consume way too many calories than what is healthy, simply by drinking sweet drinks. While it can be difficult to come off them at first, after a little while your body is going to be thanking you, and you will see the results next time you step on the scales. This sounds simple, but try replacing sugary drinks with water instead – even for just a couple of weeks so you can see the real difference it makes.


Sweet Drinks Includes Alcohol!

Just like soft drinks, alcoholic drinks have a lot of hidden nasties – such as sugar and calories. We don’t want to stop you from having fun. If you have a special occasion coming up then a few drinks won’t hurt anyone, but if you are a bit of a binge-drinker and wonder why you can’t seem to loose that weight, this is likely why!


Get A Good Night’s Sleep

If you are able to sleep well, your mind and body are going to be able to be more active during the day. Plus, exercising tires us out. If you want to up your exercise routine, be prepared to have longer sleep.


Have Fun

With Summer on its way, the opportunities are almost endless! You don’t have to head to the same gym day in and day out. Instead, make it fun! Jump in the pool for some laps, head to the coast for a surf, to get a group of friends together and get active together.


Be Consistent

If you want to get fit, keep your workout sessions and clean eating consistent. Don’t spend a week working hard, just to follow it up by a week of lounging around on the couch eating junk food. Build your workout routines into your weekly schedule to ensure you keep up the consistency and regularly workout.


We hope these little tips and tricks will help you out if you are wanting to get in shape for Summer! Good luck, and enjoy working out.

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Get Fit for Summer in Just A Few Easy Steps

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