Great to kick off the year with a big feature for OnTheGo in the February edition of Men's Fitness.
On page 130 there's a feature article on founder Mick Spencer, the health challenges he's faced to date and their impact on life and business.
Here's a little teaser of the article, grab a copy of Men's Fitness to read the entire piece.
"it's like the feeling of adrenalin; like you've done something wrong; like a butterfly on steriods is fluttering around your chest," Spencer says of the arrhythmia that has dogged him since he was 13.
During a bike ride after returning from an overseas trip five years ago, his heartrate surged to 280-300bpm, and didn't stop even after he pulled over. Then 19, he ended up in Emergency, and his heart had to be restarted three times.
For more information: http://www.mensfitnessmagazine.com.au/

'They had to restart my heart three tiimes'
Men's Fitness Magazine

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