How to Choose the Best Uniform for Your Company

How to Choose the Best Uniform for Your Company

Why Should You Have A Company Uniform

At school, we all dreaded wearing a uniform. It was so ugly, uncool, and the tie was just a pain! As a kid, you couldn’t see the point of wearing a uniform, and most likely tried to push the boundaries, modifying your uniform to try to make it as “cool” as it possibly could be, leaving the top buttons on your shirt undone, and trying to get away with leaving the tie off for as long as you possibly could.

On the other hand, as an adult, you can see the point of a uniform. Not only is it a fantastic advertising tool for the school or company, it creates and sense of brand consistency and credibility, and improves the overall public perception.

However, how do you go about choosing a uniform for your company, school or group that really ‘fits?’ Well, if this is the thing you’ve been pondering for the last few months, then we are here to help!



How Do I Choose the Right Uniform for My Company?

There are several different factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right uniform for your company. First up, comfort. Your staff are going to be wearing these uniforms all day, every day. If your uniforms aren’t comfortable, it is going to impact the way your staff perform. It is important to consider what your staff will be doing on a daily basis, and factor this into your decision.

Secondly, make sure the uniform is a comfortable fit. A good fitting uniform is going to make your staff feel good about how they look! Before you place a uniform order, make sure you ask your staff to provide their sizing requirements, and try to find apparel that is available in both mens and womens sizing, for a more flattering look.

Next up on our list is quality. You don’t want to go through the whole process of designing uniforms, taking your staffs sizing requirements, and placing the order, only to go through the same process six months later. Make sure that you order a uniform made from good quality fabric, ensuring it will stand the test of time.

The next point we suggest is to choose a modern style of uniform, as you want your company to represent the fact that you are open to change and constantly evolving.

Last on our list today is to be consistent. Make sure you follow your brand’s guidelines, using the correct colours and logo. Keep in mind that these uniforms are going to reflect your business, so you want to look well put-together and professional.

If you think it’s about time your school, workplace, group, or event got a new uniform, make sure you check out our easy-to-use KitBuilder! Create your own design, and have it delivered to your door within just 5 weeks!


If you want custom sports and athletic wear that’s made just for you and your team (whatever your style!), get in touch with us today.  


How to Choose the Best Uniform for Your Company

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