How to Choose the Correct Material for Your Sports Uniform

How to Choose the Correct Material for Your Sports Uniform

From our humble grassroots to now, Australian’s have always maintained sport to be an integral part of our culture and life style. During this time, we have seen our stock team uniform turn from a standard coloured tee and shorts to an important representation of our team and sporting ability.

With endless choices regarding colour, cut, design and fabric (just to name a few), the decision making process can be quite confusing to say the least. Ensuring you select the correct and most appropriate material for you and your team, we’ve taken the guess work out of the equation.

It’s simple, certain sports require certain materials, and this is usually due to performance factors like flexibility, breathability or durability. Ensuring the physical comfort of your athletes should be a priority, and having to wear a material that is too hot or having the cut of the garment be restricting, can leave players feeling distracted from the game.

So what suits what?


Lycra is a synthetic material that is known for its exceptional elasticity and is primarily used for sports that require low drag.  Rowing, gymnastics and cycling are obvious are all examples that involve athletes needing tighter fitting apparel with minimised wind resistance and catching. Lycra is also breathable, wicks moisture, and dries quickly.

Cotton/Polyester Blend                 

Polyester is blended with cotton for a number of reasons related to cost, performance, washability, and colour fastness (ability to hold colour) of the material. While it is known for being quick drying, moisture wicking and non-shrinking, polyester fails to be breathable and can also be known to hold odour--hence why cotton is added.


Polyester is tan extremely durable material that is used for high performance sports like Football and BMX. Over time, clothing technology has improved and hybrid models such as wicking polyester and polyester microfiber have become a popular choice when maintaining quick drying properties and breathability. This means that the moisture from your skin is evaporated rather than absorbed by the material.

While this information can be valuable, at ONTHEGO we’ve taken all the guess work for you with our ONTHEGO Customiz Builder. Rather than spending hours researching what’s what, we allow you to custom design your own sporting and corporate uniforms in five easy steps. To start designing your custom gear now head over to our “DESIGN YOUR OWN PAGE”.

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