Looking after your lycra and your body

Looking after your lycra and your body

Ride Around Oz

Expert tips for really really long rides


6 days and 10,000m of vertical climbing later and the Captains Ride 2016 is over.


Greg McDermott our Ride Around Oz extraordinaire is still slogging it out on day 63 of his 79 day ride around Australia.


With these events in mind, it’s a good time to appreciate how tough these long rides really are on your body and your lycra.


The below tips aren’t sexy (at all), but they’ll help you when you’re body is being pushed to its limits.


Looking after your Lycra and Your Body


Expert tips for really really long rides.


1.     Use a good amount of chamois cream every morning. Start with whatever you think is right, then double it!


2.     Do not wear your knicks two days in a row, make sure you rinse them between washes and machine wash every 3-4 days. 


3.     After each day be sure to treat your undercarriage area like gold! Use an alcohol antiseptic lotion (Isocol) after showering as well as a moisturiser to ensure friction burns don’t open the skin and cause infection and so the area is kept soft.


4.     Depending on the temperature, unzip your jersey collar slightly to allow air flow whilst riding.


5.     A quality wind vest comes in handy when riding to protect against wind, rain and cool temperatures. It also has heaps of storage pockets and if not needed can be taken off and given to support crew so you don’t have to carry it.


Expert tips are courtesy of Greg McDermott who is 9,000km into a 15,000km ride around Australia. Follow Greg’s Journey here https://www.facebook.com/GregMcDermottTheFruitGuy/?fref=ts


Been on a really really long ride lately and have some tips of your own to add? Email [email protected]

Adam Goodes - The Captain's Ride

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