Welcome to episode 36, brought to you by our sponsors, Tortured Gum Brewery and Brainspace.

In this episode, we catch up with Mick Spencer from OnTheGo Sports.

Seven years ago, when Mick founded OnTheGo, it was on his my bedroom desk. He had $100.00 to his name and that paid for the registration of the business name. He knew nothing about the industry he was entering and no idea about business. He had absolutely no funding and no outside help when he was starting the business. In fact, his parents thought he was mad.

Since then, Mick has grown the business to an annual turnover of over $2 million annually.

Mick has built a brand on the foundations of making Every Day Matter. OnTheGo Sports aspire to give every person the opportunity, regardless of circumstance, to live a healthy and active life.

Their mission is to empower a social movement committed to making Every Day Matter. In turn, their aim is to make this philosophy manifest, thus giving every person the opportunity and desire to live a healthy and active life. They strive to be the consumer’s ultimate choice in active lifestyle.

Listen is as we have a fun and wide-ranging discussion about Mick’s journey.


Please follow this link to listen to the podcast:
The Marketing Lab Episode 36

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