My Canberra with OnTheGo Sportswear founder Mick Spencer

My Canberra with OnTheGo Sportswear founder Mick Spencer

Entrepreneur and founder of OnTheGo Sports Mick Spencer talks us through his Canberra favourites.

Hidden gem? I think Canberra's hidden gem is Majura Pines. It's the place I go when I want to escape my busy day-to-day life. I mountain bike there because it has world-class mountain bike and adventure trails. They are the kind of trails you would expect to find thousands of people but often, you don't see anyone. The beautiful mountain bike trails are laced with amazing pine trees. It's a true hidden gem, close to the city and home. 

Weekend haunt? You can find me at the OnTheGo Sports HQ in Mitchell designing really cool apparel. Not always – Saturday mornings I have PT at Fitness First in Deakin followed by brunch with my partner at Double Shot.

Place to take visitors? In the morning I take them running up Mt Ainslie, point out the parliamentary triangle from the view at the top. We then hit up the farmers' markets in EPIC for some fresh produce and cheeky samples. Mid-morning, I take them for brunch at a Braddon cafe. After lunch we hit up Questacon, the National Portrait Gallery and Australian War Memorial. We visit Stromlo Forrest Park for some clean air then finish up back in Braddon with a freshly-poured cold beer at Bespoke Brewery. Following that, a dinner at the famous Akiba restaurant in Bunda Street, followed by a party with friends ... wow, that day sounds amazing.

People watching spot? In the Canberra Centre watching people in David Jones checking out our sports product. 

Place to unwind? My favourite place to unwind is sitting at the top of Mt Taylor above my house in Chapman, overlooking Canberra's beauty. It has a stunning view of the city's landscape and often perfect on sunset. The hill is incredibly steep and a great fun adventure also.

Treat? I love chocolate so some delicious chocolate from Koko Black in the city.


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By Jil Hogan
Canberra Times, ACT

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