Nothing Brings People Together Like Movement

Nothing Brings People Together Like Movement

We’ve been inspiring athletes with our customised apparel since 2011, and we’re still going strong. In that time, we’ve certainly had the chance to create a few smiles across Australia. We recently shared some of our victories with Bupa Dental Insurance, a company that is always looking for ways to make people smile, on fulfilling our own vision. Here at ONTHEGO, our greater purpose is to inspire others to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Greg McDermott's Ride Around Oz

As mentioned in Bupa Dental Insurance's article, 'Fun Ideas to Make Someone Smile', we love to get behind a good cause. It’s something that unites everyone at ONTHEGO Sports and brings out smiles whenever we get the chance to participate in something meaningful.
‘One of the aspects of their business they enjoy the most is witnessing people doing truly inspiring things in their gear,’ writes Bupa. ‘They have designed apparel for many people who push the limits to raise money for charity.’
We were grinning ear to ear as we watched Greg McDermott, from Ride Around Oz, cycle 15,000 km around Australia in our custom designed ONTHEGO Sports Jersey. Not only did he look great, he also did something really big for our society. Greg raised considerable funds for an important charity, Youth Off the Streets. 
We’ve seen him on the news, cycling in Darwin, in the outback, and even one day wearing a banana suit while riding. That had us laughing and we’re sure it brought a smile to everyone who saw him. Greg’s a great guy, and an amazing athlete. He’s helped raise $50,000 for Australia’s youth, and we’re so excited that he rode in comfort and style in the jersey we made especially for him.

Smiling for a Good Cause

Greg’s ride is just one of many things that people do to inspire others in our gear. We work with other organisations to design apparel to raise awareness about some really important stuff, like Triple Zero Tolerance to shed light on violence against emergency service personnel and Imagine More, a disability advocacy group. ONTHEGO founder Mick Spencer was sporting our apparel for a ride with Steve Waugh and Adam Goodes to raise money for the Steve Waugh Foundation. 
We are connecting people, showing that we care, and providing great apparel, so more Australians can enjoy a healthier, happier, smile-filled lifestyle. 
We love this stuff, and we love that other companies make people smile too. If you’re involved in a social impact initiative, let us know in the comments or on our social media – share the good work!
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