Our Top 5 Favourite Rugby League Jerseys!

Our Top 5 Favourite Rugby League Jerseys!


Just like most Australians, we love sitting back on the weekend and watching our team play in the NRL. However, we can’t help but notice some amazing uniforms that truly stand out from the crowd. We thought we would take a look back on some of the past seasons and gather together our top 5 favourite rugby league jerseys.


Penrith Panthers

The Penrith Panther’s colours are red, yellow and green. Their choice for a white jersey really makes these colours pop, without being overwhelmingly bright. We love how sleek and simple this jersey is.


Sydney Roosters

When we think of footy, we are immediately drawn to the Sydney Rooster’s kit! It’s simple and original. We love the colour red on any apparel, mixed with dark blue and white it really pops! WE love what they have done with this design.


Melbourne Storm

The Melbourne Storm’s colour is purple, however we love how they have also incorporated an indigenous look and feel without it becoming overcrowded. Their jersey is smooth and modern, and we love the pattern!


West Tigers

We love how the West Tiger’s uniforms literally represents a tiger! He orange and black colours against the jersey pattern ensure the team look fierce. We know that’s certainly not a team we would want to face!


Canberra Raiders

We obviously love the colour green, I mean, our entire company is branded with this colour. Therefore, we can’t help but adore Canberra Raider’s uniform. The colour really pops on the field. We hope they never change it!


These were our Top 5 NRL jersey picks! Which teams wear your favourite Rugby League Jerseys? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Our Top 5 Favourite Rugby League Jerseys!

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