OnTheGo Sports ambassador & ultra-marathon athlete Pat Farmer is up to his old tricks again, only this time he’s running with the purpose of peace. The Middle East Peace Run is a 20 day run which will follow the somewhat daring route from Lebanon to Israel, via Jordan and the West Bank.

In support of the landmark May 1st run OnTheGo Sports has joined the cause. This Australian owned company not only shares the humanitarian values that this run represents, it also has the mutual vision that a healthy active lifestyle and sport can promote development and peace.

OnTheGo Sports realises that business can be an amazing vehicle to change the world. And so does Pat.

“Our funds and our products are giving children and the youth of today more opportunity to engage in sport programs, that not only enable them to get active, but that also make a meaningful difference in their lives.” said OnTheGo Founder and Managing Director Mick Spencer.

OnTheGo Sports produces performance sports apparel and accessories.

Former Member of Parliament, Pat Farmer, is also dedicated towards making a difference. During his 20,000 kilometre run from the North Pole to the South Pole in 2011 he raised funds that helped bring clean water to developing communities. Pat has run all over the world, including across Australia and through Vietnam.

However, this run is “more about awareness and also to create a brotherhood among people I meet along the way’ said Farmer, 52. “I decided I’d like to show the positive side to these places. When you see anything about the Middle East, including Israel, it’s nothing but violence, nothing but the problems and difficulties everyone’s having over there, which is completely contrary to what I’ve heard from my (Middle Eastern) friends.”

Farmer’s asking people from the many different countries to join him as he passes through - on his journey.

OnTheGo also providing the ultra-marathon runner a very special designed outfit to further their commitment. The customised Running Outfit OnTheGo has made reflects the colours of peace, and also embeds a painting that was created about Pat’s life. These products will be sale also for anyone who wants to support the cause.

”It's great to be wearing and representing OnTheGo. They are great support for my Middle East Peace Run, they've been supportive from day one. They use the latest technology to fashion their clothing, so not only does it look good but it performs great in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. This is essential when you’re doing the kind of activity I’m doing" Said Pat Farmer from.

The Middle East Peace Run will feature a documentary crew, a blog, live streaming, and an interactive website to encourage people around the world to participate and join together, and also dedicate a run of their own to . “There will be a documentary afterwards that will air on Channel 9 in Australia, but it will also be made available on the internet.”

The Middle East Peace Run is the ultimate in cooperation between ambition, business and no doubt the benevolent human spirit. The hope is that the run will expel some of the misconceptions and misinformation about the region.

Together we can take a stand on peace in the Middle East.


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OnTheGo Media Contact: Mick Spencer

Founder and CEO, OnTheGo

[email protected]

Pat Farmer Media Contact: Brooke Farmer, 

Media and Communications Manager, Middle East Peace Run 

[email protected]


OnTheGo ambassador & athlete Pat Farmer is up to his old tricks again
Canberra, Australia

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