Perth Race Report

Perth Race Report

Well that’s another two rounds of the National Series done and dusted!
We travelled to Perth for these rounds and got to ride one of my favourite tracks, Westside.
Day one round 5, I qualified third to the main event sue to timing issues in the third moto.
I had lane 3 for my final with tough competition on either side of me, I needed a fast gate and to get across.
I was able to pull away with the holeshot and I held my lines around the track and came away with the win.
Day two round 6, I qualified second into the main. This time I ended up with my favourite gate.... Lane 1.
I had a good gate and was shoulder to shoulder with World #3 Shelby Green. I had the inside and had a great line into the second straight.
I held my lines the whole way and came away with a back to back win also leaving me as National Series leader. 


Perth Race Report by Mikayla Rose
By Mikayla "Squishy" Rose

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