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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to gift some of the people that are closest to you. Christmas is the time to spoil your friends, family, and other loved ones! It is a way of showing your appreciation for everything they have done for you through the year that’s been.

Whilst shopping for Christmas gifts can be fun, we also understand the challenge that is involved. What do you buy people? How much should you spend? What will they like? What do they need? These are the questions that go through everyone’s head when they are thinking about gift ideas.

This is why we have put together a list of some quirky gift ideas we’re sure your friends and family won’t have received before!


Chocolate Tools 

Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, we reckon your husband, brother, dad, or any other male in your family is going to love this one! Not only are they quirky, and unbelievably realistic looking, they are also completely delicious!

Check them out here.


Beard Baubles

We know what you’re thinking! However, we guarantee that none of your friends or family will have received beard baubles as a gift before. They’re fun, and everyone will get a good laugh out of it. So, why not!

Keen to check them out? Find them here


Scratch Map

This is the perfect one for the kids, whether they be your own children, nieces/nephews, or your friends littles ones! It will keep the kids entertained during the long Christmas holiday.

You can check out the scratch map here


Kitchen Conversations Chopping Board

Giving a cook book, or bits and pieces for the kitchen is boring. It’s a pretty standard gift that doesn’t seem to have much meaning. 

However, the kitchen conversation chopping board is helpful and a bit of fun. Plus, we guarantee it will be used every single day!

Know someone who would love this? Check it out here


Personalised Christmas Apparel

This one is perfect for the whole family, no matter how many of you there are! From personalised Christmas socks, to beanies, t-shirts, hats and more, this quirky apparel is bound to bring a smile to everyone under the Christmas tree this December.

If you’re ready to get started with creating some cool Christmas gear for your friends and family, follow this link


We hope that some of these cute and quirky Christmas gift ideas have got you inspired! Don’t forget that there’s less than six weeks until Christmas, so… get shopping!

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Chocolate Tools,Beard Baubles Scratch Map, Kitchen Conversation Chopping Board

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