Smart Company Web Awards 2014 - Best Design

Smart Company Web Awards 2014 - Best Design

Online retailer OnTheGo sells custom made sportswear including apparel for schools, corporate and health clubs. Founder Michael Spencer says its target audience is people after custom-made sports wear unique to their business, organisation or team.
Its website is unique in the way customers can design their own activewear online via its website. The custom-built site makes it simple for clients to design a garment online from start to finish using a seven-step process that takes them through selecting styles, colours, size, amounts and also uploading their logo.
Spencer says he wanted a system that not only looks good but is also easy to use. “Anyone can make a site look nice but you want your users to have a good experience when they are there,” he says.
“Recent research shows that people will give your website seven seconds; if they can't work out how to use it or find what they need in that time they will move on to the next site, and there are no shortage of these on the internet”.
Judge Mark Gray says sporting goods is a tough niche for online retail.
“Any fashion retailer has multiple categorisation challenges on sizing and colour and the different variations. That goes back to ease of use and also the site search is very good.”
Category judge: Mark Gray

Runner up: OnTheGo Group

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