Smart Company Web Awards 2014 - Mobile

Smart Company Web Awards 2014 - Mobile

Digital Nation chief executive Claudia Sagripanti says OnTheGo Sports is an example of “what can be done by a small business with a well-thought out mobile strategy and a relatively modest investment”.
While the sportswear retailer was founded in 2009, it launched the current version of its website this year, off the back of a development period of four months. With its mission to promote active lifestyles among its community of sport lovers, OnTheGo turns over $810,000 annually and attracts an average of 10,500 page impressions a month, with approximately 6200 unique visitors.
Sagripanti describes the OnTheGo mobile site as responsive, well-designed and easy to navigate.
“It has great content and links to a community of sports lovers as well as a search and shop function,” says Sagripanti.
“Social media is important to this community and features strongly and appropriately. The site succeeds well on its objectives.”
OnTheGo founder Michael Spencer says many OnTheGo customers rely on their mobile devices, so having a responsive website was essential.
“As we have a fully online customer system and we refer our customers to it, we wanted a platform that would work from any device,” Spencer explains.
“Using customer feedback we have discovered that many of our clients lead very busy lives and an easy-to-use responsive website was one of their points of concern. We also find mobile devices are a key to social media monitoring, which we utilise heavily in our marketing strategies.”
Spencer says starting a web-based company is never easy. His advice to budding web entrepreneurs is “to find that one aspect of your business that people want and exploit it”.
“You need to find your niche in the market and make sure you are targeting the right people through the right mediums,” Spencer says.
Once you’ve found your niche, Spencer recommends finding a web design company that “understands your vision and is as passionate about your business as you are”.
“A period of client testing is essential as people see and use online devices differently,” Spencer says.
“You want a system that not only looks good but also is functional and easy to use. An understanding of SEO is extremely important too. There is no point having a website if people can’t find or access it.”
Category judge: Claudia Sagripanti, chief executive of Digital Nation

Winner: OnTheGo Group

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