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Food Fitness Fashion Interview Canberran Brand ONTHEGO Sports


We had THE BEST TIME at FASHFEST on the weekend and we wanted to share an interview we did with Food Ftiness Fashion before our show. We will be releasing more from the night in the coming days so get excited for some awesome images from the runway!

See what Food Fitness Fashion had to say below or view the full article at:

Sportswear to Streetwear: We Interview Canberran Brand ONTHEGO Sports


We interview ONTHEGO, the action sports brand that is the brainchild of Canberra entrepreneur, Mick Spencer.

About the brand: ONTHEGO® is the brainchild of Canberra entrepreneur, Mick Spencer, who founded the company at age 21 in his parent’s garage in 2011. ONTHEGO Sports is guided by a simple mission: To make every day matter and to give every person the opportunity to live an active and healthy life.

ONTHEGO® is an action sports brand that specialises in the design, development and distribution of customised team ware, uniforms and accessories. ONTHEGO uses a unique ‘design your own’ technology which allows people to create their own team ware beyond what they ever thought was possible.

ONTHEGO® works with teams, events, non-profits, health clubs and businesses from elite IRONMAN to David Jones and Canberra based organisations Next Generation Health Clubs and Canberra Brave. They pride themselves in offering high quality custom sportswear at a revolutionary price and service, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

What inspired you to start ONTHEGO at the incredibly young age of 21?
I have had views on changing the world since childhood. At age 21, I turned my views into reality. Fed up with how the sports market was being served, I took the $150 I had to my name and backed myself to form the foundations of OnTheGo®, a disruptive sports brand.

Our company was founded on the basis that everyone deserves to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. I faced adversity growing up and sport helped me through that, we aim to inspire others to use sport as a tool by which they can make every day matter.

What motto does ONTHEGO live by?
ONTHEGO lives and breathes the motto Every Day Matters, Every Moment Counts. We have one shot at life and one shot at sport in that moment. The focus of making every moment count drives the way we build the ethos for the end use of the product, the customer experience, delivery time, and the passion behind what the brand does. We foster partnerships toward building a better community because we believe Every Day Matters, Every Moment Counts. 

ONTHEGO is all about the healthy, socially conscious consumer, by helping them have the opportunity and desire to live a healthy and active life, empowering them to make Every Day Matter. Can you please explain the ethos of your brand, and why your business model stands out in the sports-fashion scene? 
We are all about offering highly innovative, technical and scalable solutions to the customer. Our customers are able to design and produce a highly technical product that has their name and personalisation embedded in the fabric.

Customisation has an opportunity to create bulk products that bring people together towards a common cause which leads them towards an active and healthy life.

When people finish an ironman, they hold on to their finishes tee forever, when people do a grassroots sport they are the happiest they’ve been all week.

We are also wanting to put our foot down in the way of ethical manufacturing, fabric sourcing and sustainable elements which is often lost in the industry when profit and growth become a priority. We have an opportunity to have a socially conscious focus. 

What were some of the challenges creating a socially conscious, sports fashion brand?
There is a lack of education around harmful fabrics, generally consumers want to be ethical until there is a price competitive alternative. We have a 52 t-shirt a year approach to retail which damages the industry, the environment and the people behind building that product. Education and mindset around these behaviors and what we value as a consumer is our biggest challenge and communicating that to the market.

How did you choose the line of ONTHEGO clothing that was showcased at FASHFEST, and what sets these apart from the rest of your line?
We were so excited to be showcased on Saturday! ONTHEGO Sports builds highly technical and custom made sportswear. We have ranges built for teams, with professional athletes and our own ONTHEGO Sports Retail range.

We had to think long and hard about what we wanted to share with our home town Canberra. Being the final show of FASHFEST, and the show nicknamed ‘the party show’, we have chosen our vibrant active wear pieces along with our athleisure wear with the emphasis on our retail range. We know our models and range will bring a young and vibrant energy to the stage. We want the way people feel in our clothes to be personified through our models.

We know, Mick, that you’re an avid cycler, a passion that steered you towards founding ONTHEGO in the first place. What are your other favourite forms of exercise?
Indoor cycling, spin class and French Ballet. No really, I love going to the gym to do functional strength training with my Personal Trainer. I do Yoga and Pilates weekly to keep flexible and I also love getting outdoors for hiking and rock climbing. I also get involved in all sports and have dabbled in golf, basketball, soccer, futsal, touch football and even netball!

What have you learnt the hard way in the fashion industry?
Building an apparel company with limited resources is hard. We have learned that there’s no easy solution. In order to build a long lasting technical product you have to have fundamentals in place and cutting corners is not an option. We have a big focus on embedding the right foundations first. We spend a lot of time getting our processes right in order to be able to grow.

I have also learned you need to find out where your gaps are and what your strengths are. This is important on a personal level and for the organisation.


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