The Story of Indoor Cricket – How It All Started!

The Story of Indoor Cricket – How It All Started!


The concept of indoor cricket is much like outdoor cricket, but with some modifications! The game was first established in Perth, Western Australia during the 1970s. The origins of indoor cricket are slightly unclear, however, Graham Monoghan, a business associate of Dennis Lille at the time, is viewed as indoor cricket's pioneer in Australia! Originally, indoor cricket was considered as inexpensive sport, which can be played all year-round.

Much like outdoor cricket, indoor cricket involves two batsmen, a bowler and a team of fielders. It is often played amongst two teams which consist of six or eight players. The court is enclosed with tightly tensioned netting, including the 4-metre-high roof! Additionally, the length of the pitch and size of the stumps are the same as outdoor cricket.


Our Top 3 Tips on What Makes A Good Indoor Cricket Team:

1. Each player has a unique purpose in the team! Teams which are united and work well together will always take the lead over a team who don’t care about each other.
2. Brenton Brien - one man who knows the most about the value of teamwork, says “The most successful teams I have been involved in have a common ingredient – the belief within the squad that no one player is bigger than the team. If everyone does their bit to the best of their ability, a team can achieve amazing things.” When teams works together, they are going to succeed! Having the attitude that everyone is equal will eliminate any hierarchy, ensuring every play is just as involved as the next.
3. One of the most critical aspects of indoor cricket is the ability to network! If each team member is able to communicate with the captain, coach and each other effectively, the team have a much better opportunity of taking home the win!


Indoor Cricket offers many fantastic opportunities, such as developing your fine and gross motor skills, keeping you fit, and teaching you how to work as a team.

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The Story of Indoor Cricket – How It All Started!

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