Tips for choosing the right colours

Tips for choosing the right colours

At ONTHEGO (OTG), we want to provide customers with total customisation of their sportswear. Whether it’s putting your own name or logo on your workout gear, or looking to create a team uniform visible from space, we’ve got you covered.

If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your sportswear to look like, have no fear – we’ve asked our experts to give us their top design and colour-combination tips to help you assemble your own identity on the field and in the gym.

Tips for choosing the right colours 

1) Go monochromatic.

Monochromatic means choosing various shades, tones, or tints of one colour. For example, sticking to a range of blues varying from light to dark. Using monochromatic colour schemes means your design automatically creates a sense of simplicity and harmony because you don’t have to worry about matching a number of different colours together.

2) Try analogous hues.

Analogous hues are colours that are side by side on the colour wheel. This type of scheme is versatile and easy to apply to design projects. Typically, you would use three colours that are next to each other on the 12-spoke colour wheel. Like-minded tones create an interesting and harmonious design.

3) Experiment with complementary colours.

Complementary colours are colours that are directly opposite from each other on the colour wheel. For example, red/green or blue/orange. Complementary colours are good for creating a high-contrast and high-intensity look and feel. The primary advantage of complementary colour schemes is that they are extremely eye-catching and vibrant.

The psychology of colour and what colours say about you 

Source: The Logo Company

1) Red

Red is a powerful colour and portrays a sense of urgency or excitement.

2) Yellow

Yellow is often associated to feelings of warmth or energy.

3) Pink

Pink is thought to be calming and associated to kindness or femininity.

4) Green

Green is heavily associated with nature and is often described as being a refreshing or tranquil colour.

5) Purple

Purple is traditionally associated with royalty or wealth. It can also have spiritual/mystical connotations.

6) Orange

Orange combines the warmth of red with the cheerfulness of yellow for a hue that communicates activity, energy, and optimism.

7) Blue

The colour of the sea and sky, blue often communicates peaceful, clean qualities. Blue is widely used and is one of the most versatile colours. It is generally used to communicate trustworthiness, security, and stability.

8) Black

Black is a versatile colour which can have many meanings. In apparel, black is generally associated with formality, but in design, it is considered a neutral colour.

9) White

White often represents purity, innocence, goodness, or perfection. The use of white in design is often associated with simplicity, or a clean, modern vibe.

We hope this information makes you feel more informed about designing your next custom piece of apparel with ONTHEGO.

Designing custom apparel has come a long way with the help of digital technology. Previously, designing your own custom apparel would take months and several approval processes, but with OTG’s digital platform, you are able to design your own apparel in real time and receive your creation is just five weeks!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Happy designing!

If you want custom sports and athletic wear that’s made just for you and your team (whatever your style!), get in touch with us today.  


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