Running a business is no easy feat, you need to ensure that business operations are up to scratch, judge the productivity and performance of employees, foresee possibilities of expansion, and build effective promotional strategies.

One of the most important marketing touch points for businesses is corporate clothing.
Work uniforms have the power to create a sense of belonging amongst employees as well as building brand awareness, generally reflecting in the form of higher inflow of projects and funds. It's a win, win situation! 

Business polos are a great way to identify different departments of a company. To make this happen, why not use a leading online platform to customise your own uniforms by using a 3D design interface. ONTHEGO Sports has the online tools for you to set your own style, choose your colour scheme as well as adding business and sponsor logos to reflect your brand identity. 

Before you start designing your team's work apparel, you should be educated on what's important when creating eye-catching business uniforms. We asked design specialists to come up with three tips to help you create your ideal work uniform. 


Select a colour that is appropriate for your corporate environment and work culture. For polos, the general convention is keeping a solid colour and striking layout with the embroidered logo. Colour blocking is also a popular choice which is when complementary colours are paired together to create a bold look. 

Neutral colours such as taupe, black, grey, ivory, and other shades of white are the most popular choices. For easy-going businesses, you can choose warm, friendly colours like blue, orange and red. The most important thing is that the colour you choose works with your branding. 

Colour phycology is a great way to choose how the colours of your uniform affect how employees and customers react to your company. Explore the keywords that each colour emits from the human psyche. This knowledge can help you cherry-pick colours that align with your business's needs, culture and branding. 

Red- It unfurls energy, determination, passion and love. If you wish to set a warm and friendly work culture, red can be your pick.

Blue- One of the most soothing colours, blue is ideal for corporate clothing. It is closely associated with confidence, vibrancy, intelligence and faith- choosing it for business apparel is a wise choice.

Dark Green- Although dark green is not among the popular choices for office tees, its psychological effects make it a great pick for us. The colour indicates freshness, wealth, prestige and harmony- sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Brown- Not as popular, brown is related with maturity, stability, honesty, and healing. If you find your brand relatable, you can design your custom shirts in brown or its vivid shades. 

Pink- Pink is the colour associated with femininity. It oozes vibes of tenderness, charm, grace and romance. In your office dress code, pink can be a bold choice. If your work culture allows, you can use it sparingly or mix it with other colours to create the right look.  

Black- The colour of power and enigma! Black is associated with formality, strength, seriousness, and gloom. It should be broken up with more colours to set the right look.

White- White and all its shade relate with purity, sophistication and elegance. You can get your custom shirts and other office uniforms designed in white to create a dapper look.

If you already have a predetermined corporate colour scheme your job is a lot easier!


In any given day a person needs to stay agile, so they can attend meetings, give presentations, see customers etc. Clothes that are made-to-measure offer comfort and confidence during a long days work. Tight-fitting or confining clothes can cause restricted movement, and major discomfort if worn for long periods of time. This means choosing the right products, styles and materials for employees is vital. Think about the needs of your staff and if they differ from each other. 


Quality is the key. Well-designed clothing, with clean embroidery, nice tailoring and spiffy prints grab attention effortlessly. Your workwear speaks for your brand and imparting the right image is possible only if you use the right apparel company.

ONTHEGO Sports allows you to design high-quality polos, tees, jackets, hoodies or sportswear with the utmost ease. Click here and start ordering today! 

Design your own workwear

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