Top 10 things about Grand Final Day

Top 10 things about Grand Final Day

AFL Grandfinal 2016


AFL fans, brace yourselves


1 - The smell of the fresh cut grass that emanates from football ovals

2 - The aura and anticipation of what is about to unfold

3 - The gigantic roar and spine tingling ‘hair on the back of your neck’ during the national anthem

4 - When a fleeting moment is etched in time and becomes a piece of history

5 - The thrill of winning

6 - The agony of losing

7 - The sportsmanship after a game when a victor consoles the defeated

8 - The holding of the premiership cup aloft

9 - The supporters, staff, ex-players and fans that have ridden the highs and lows rejoice in victory

10 - The underdog story


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AFL Grand final 2016

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