The top 4 reasons why your business or cause can benefit from a branded cycling kit

The top 4 reasons why your business or cause can benefit from a branded cycling kit

MAMIL (an acronym standing for "middle-aged man in lycra".) Have you heard this? Well, if not you should of. If you haven't realised by now, cyclists, mountain bikers and commuters are everywhere. And their front and back is exclusive real estate.

Since ONTHEGO was founded, we have been seeing hundreds of thousands of people all around the world designing their perfect sportswear and branded items, and making a real impact to their cause or brand. 

I have compiled a few things that why I believe branded technical cycling kits are an awesome marketing activity for you business, team or cause: 

1) Marketing is expensive. Exposure on a kit lasts a lifetime:

In today's world of marketing, it is super expensive to cut through the noise and get heard. People buy off story and want to talk about things. The benefits of cycling is that you're usually within a curated group of people (Let's face it, Cycling is an expensive sport, so you're dealing with some good networks there) therefore, with logo's, branding and story you're poised to build networks. Plus the method of print we utilise "OTG Sub" gives a lifetime of the garment print guarantee - Seriously, your garment will wash and look the same in 3 years.

2) Science proves what you wear changes the way you feel:

Recent studies have shown, that what you wear effects the way you feel about yourself and others. Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire suggests that what you wear can boost or lower your self-esteem. She asked students in groups to wear Superman clothing and found they were more confident both mentally and physically.  Imagine what people will feel when they wear your brand?

3) You can make money on your kit, or for your cause. 

The one thing we encourage our customers to do a lot of, is mark up Cycling Kit (And others to buy them!) we see small teams, cafes, business' and charities doing this all the time. If you're going to pay $59.95 for a product, and sell it for a reasonable $99.95 you will make profit, plus pay for your stock. We see this as a win / win all the time. People love new kit. 

4) There's room for others on there too! Collaborate and bring others on the journey. 

A cycling jersey and kit has a lot of real estate, we always encourage companies to collaborate with other like minded business' to put there brand on a kit. In a cycling kits you pretty much have over 10 valuable spots.. 

  1. The front chest
  2. The left + Right breast 
  3. The stomach 
  4. The left + Right sleeve (many logo's can be placed here) 
  5. The Rear back 
  6. The 3 rear pockets
  7. The collar 
  8. The rear panel of Cycle Bottoms
  9. The left + right panel of Cycle Bottoms 
  10. The thigh band 

So there you have it. Cycling jerseys and bottoms, as well as Jackets/Vests/Arm Warmers and so on, are not just beautiful pieces of Lycra. If used well, you can do a lot for your brand. 

To design your own Cycling Jersey, you can get started on our Online Designer here with 5 piece Minimums, and a super fast turnaround, as well as an awesome team, we're here to help you go hard and fast. 

Don't forget to check out the cool stuff we're doing through our one4one Initiative - for every product sold, we'll get 1 child into sport for 12 months #one4one 

Best for the weekend ahead!


Mick Spencer Mountain Bike
Canberra, ACT

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