Why Social Sport is the Sport for you

Why Social Sport is the Sport for you

Are you thinking of picking up a sport this season or you want to try something new? Social sport could be the answer for you. Besides from having a tonne of fun, there are many benefits that you might not be aware of.


We all know how repetitive and tiring the work week can get, only to wait for the weekend to fly by. Social sport is a great way to disrupt your routine, by having a run around with friends and making the week a bit more tolerable.


We get it, making friends can be hard. Small talk can be cringe worthy and yes, remembering the names of people you were just introduced to can escape you quicker than that last piece of pizza you were eyeing off. Social sports is a great way to meet new people by bonding with them on the sports field. Who knows, you could have a team of new friends in no time!


There is nothing worse than having to bring the days worries home with you. Let’s be real; life can be stressful at the best of times, which is why playing social sport is the perfect solution. Exercise is great for producing endorphins and making you feel all round great. That means that any stress and anxiety you have, POOF! It’s gone.  


Catching up with a group of people on a weekly basis is a great way to build friendships and create a sense of team comradery. It’s also a great excuse to grab a feed and a few drinks with the team after the game ;) You will gain major social points!


The social in social sport means you do not have to be particularly athletic or sporty to participate. We cannot all be blessed with coordination, so it’s great to play with others that do not take it too seriously and can laugh at their mistakes. Winning is not a priority, having fun is.


The best thing about being in a team environment is knowing you have the support of an entire group behind you. People who can praise your accomplishments, you can learn from and celebrate victories with. What a way to boost your self-esteem and learn some new skills.

There are many social competitions now available. You can choose from a variety of sports; netball, soccer, basketball, softball, touch, dodgeball, kickball and ultimate frisbee being some of them. You can either register a team of your own or join a team already established.

We at ONTHEGO love social and sports clubs which is why we offer easy to order, custom sportswear. You and your team can create your own uniform design through our 3D Team Outfitter where you can choose from a variety of styles, design, and colours as well as adding as many logos, names and numbers as you like. Create a sense of team comradery this season and represent in style with new uniforms



Why Social Sport is the Sport for you

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