This Is Why You Need A Range Of Polo Shirts In Your Wardrobe!

This Is Why You Need A Range Of Polo Shirts In Your Wardrobe!

Polo shirts often have negative associations. When the word “polo shirt” is mentioned, most people’s initial thought is “uniform,” and not necessarily in the good way. It takes them back to their school days in their typical, dreaded, school uniform, or their first job working at the checkout in the supermarket, endlessly scanning peoples consumables every single weekend.

If “uniform” isn’t the first thing that jumps into people minds, the next best is “lazy guy.” You know him – the one who can’t be bothered to button up a real shirt, so he opts for the polo instead.

However, the good old polo deserves a little more respect than it typically gets. Why? Well, here is what we think.




The polo shirt is the perfect medium between a fancy-dress shirt, and a comfortable tee for lounge around in at home after a long day at work. It’s a little smarter than a basic tee, yet still gives you a polished look. It’s the perfect balance for events that aren’t formal, but you couldn’t exactly get away with wearing trackies and a t-shirt, either.

ONTHEGO’s custom polos allow you to look well put-together, and yet feel your most comfortable, at the very same time. Made from 130GSM birdseye mesh, our polos are lightweight and moisture wicking, ensuring you always feel your most comfortable.

It’s easy to see that polo shirts come in handy in many different circumstances and can work with many different styles. Why not have a go at experimenting with ONTHEGO’s styles, adding as many colours, logos, names, numbers, and text as you would like, for absolutely no additional cost!

It’s super easy, but if you get stuck help is always there. Just chuck us a message on Live Chat, to head to our contact page for more information.



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This Is Why You Need A Range Of Polo Shirts In Your Wardrobe!

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