THIS is why you need a workout buddy!

THIS is why you need a workout buddy!

Let’s face it, while some things are better done alone, there are so many things that are better when done with a friend or as a group. Here are our top 5 reasons why there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’!

1. Accountability

So, you’ve decided to get in shape! Go, you! Now, imagine having worked a really long day and then having to make the trek to the gym after work, only to lift weights and sweat it out on your own. Odds are, a large part of you would much rather ditch the gym to go home and just chill out on the couch.

However, if you were working out with friends or in a group, I’m pretty sure the odds of you actually going would increase significantly. If nothing else, the guilt of not showing up for your friends would probably get you to the gym!

2. Motivation

Working out with friends or in a group is like having a personal cheer squad. Just when you think you want to give up, your mate benching 10 kgs more than you is there to shout positive words of encouragement to help you finish the set. Let’s face it, we all have a competitive streak in us somewhere.

Whatever the psychology behind it, working out in teams breeds motivation and pushes you to do more than you would if you let yourself be the boss of your exercise regime.

3. Development

Humans are creatures of habit. People are generally adverse to trying new things by themselves due to feelings of intimidation or self-consciousness.

However, when you try a new class for the first time with friends, the fear of the unknown is less daunting since you know you have your mates with you. You’re all in it together to boost each other’s confidence and share in your weaknesses. Zumba anyone?

4. Go hard or go home

Very rarely you will see a person lifting heavy weights without someone spotting them. Working out with friends not only pushes you to go harder, but also helps ensure you don’t injure yourself.

How much better is it having someone spot you when you want to lift a heavier weight knowing they will catch the weight before your arm snaps off? #beastmode

5. It’s just more fun

The key to enjoying anything in life is having fun while doing it. When you work out alone it can sometimes feel like a chore, but when you go with friends, it helps to make exercise more enjoyable and is a great way to bond with old and new friends.

After all, you have seen each other sweat it out and pull muscles you never knew existed. That’s bonding right there.

The next time you work out with your squad, why not consider designing your own personalised gym gear with OTG. After all, friends that train together, stay together.

If you want custom sports and athletic wear that’s made just for you and your team (whatever your style!), get in touch with us today.  


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THIS is why you need a workout buddy!

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