Work Clothes You Can and Can’t Claim on Tax

Work Clothes You Can and Can’t Claim on Tax

Work Clothes You Can and Can’t Claim on Tax

Tax time is fast approaching, which means we are all thinking about how much our tax return is going to be this year.

Claiming your uniform as a tax deduction is one way to get some $$ back into your bank account. However, there are some very specific rules when it comes to which uniforms you can and can’t claim. Keep reading to find out more…!


Rule 1: You mustn’t have already been reimbursed for your uniform.

Let’s put it this way – you purchased your work uniform with your own money, but your boss reimbursed you with cash or via wage adjustment, therefore you have already got back what you spent. If this is the case, you cannot claim your uniforms on your tax return.


Rule 2: Your uniforms must be directly related to your work

For example, if you work in an office every day, trying to claim sunglasses on your tax isn’t going to work, as you don’t need sunglasses to complete your job. However, if you are working out in the sun, you can definitely claim sunglasses, as you need them to work effectively. Before you claim anything you wear to work on your tax, make sure you consider whether you really need it to do your job.


Rule 3: Unique, Occupation-Specific, or Protective Clothing – Only!

People often try to claim regular clothes they wear to work on tax. Unfortunately, this is not allowed. Your uniform must either have your company’s logo on it, be something you can only wear to work (example: high-vis vest), or protective clothing to avoid injury (example: work boots.)


Rule 4: Prove it!

One of the most important things you must have when you want to claim your uniforms on tax is your receipt. If you can’t prove that you have purchased an item, you certainly can’t claim it.

So, if you are thinking of claiming your “work clothes” on tax this year, make sure they really are “work clothes.” If they are directly related to what you do, and have your company’s logo, are occupation specific, or used as a safety asset, then you can go ahead and get claiming. If not, think twice!

You can read more about what the ATO has to say about clothes you can and can’t claim on tax here.

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Work Clothes You Can and Can’t Claim on Tax

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