Our Brand

ONTHEGO® - Every Day Matters®

The ONTHEGO Factor

ONTHEGO is a brand built on the foundations of making Every Day Matter. We aspire to give every person the opportunity, regardless of circumstance, to live a healthy and active life.

Every purchase with ONTHEGO® makes a difference to a child in need.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower a social movement committed to making Every Day Matter. In turn our aim is to make this philosophy manifest, thus giving every person the opportunity and desire to live a healthy and active life. We strive to be the consumer’s ultimate choice in active lifestyle. #everydaymatters

Our Core Values

  • Inspire Change
  • Be Open and Honest
  • Standards of excellence
  • Practice what you preach
  • Make Every Day Matter

WE'RE HIRING! Current Positions Available

  • Business Assistant

For applications please email: [email protected]

We are always on the lookout for talented, passionate people wanting to Make Every Day Matter - and to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

If you are interested in working at ONTHEGO, please forward your CV and details to [email protected]

Our Story

ONTHEGO® is the brainchild of Australian founder and entrepreneur, Mick Spencer, who founded the company at age 19. The brand was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer high quality custom sportswear at a revolutionary price and service, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

Mick is a sportsman, adventurer and an eternal optimist who - whilst travelling in 2009 - found his purpose in life: to build a global sports brand that gives back to those in need. Through facing adversity since childhood through health challenges, Mick realised the power that sport has to empower individuals.

What started as a humble business where every t-shirt sold gave Mick a chance to do more work within communities in need, grew into a brand where consumers know that each purchase made, can make a change to a child’s life forever.

When committing to fulfilling an order of over 400 cycling jerseys for a customer in less than four weeks for a charity event, he realised the big opportunity a new and disruptive model had.

Connecting a global niche of fast delivery customised sports apparel, with a ‘just in time inventory model’ bought together a reduction in supply chain, and a strong social purpose; the ONTHEGO® brand was born. 


Our Vision

Five years from now we will be a leading global sport brand. ONTHEGO will work closely with organisations focussed on giving all persons the opportunity to live a healthy and active life. We aim make Every Day Matter.

Our Journey

Today ONTHEGO is one of Australia’s fastest growing apparel and accessory brands with a rapidly increasing global presence. Over 300,000 people in 15 countries use ONTHEGO products… and the market continues to go.

We design, produce and distribute all of our own products to the many varied customers to meet their highly varied needs. By the same token we supply product across multiple sporting disciplines (including cycling, triathlon, running and many other team sports), as well as supplying more than 50% of the Australian health club market.

At ONTHEGO we have the know-how and the foundations to make products quickly, easily and affordably through our design centre at ONTHEGO’s head office in Canberra, Australia. We work constantly with our ambassadors, athletes, community groups and customers to continue developing the best quality products on the market that continue to hold strong value and purpose.

We have the capacity to operate full online fulfilment of products, worldwide. We OWN the process – from start to finish - ONTHEGO can design, produce and deliver.

Mick Spencer
Founder & Managing Director

Regarded as one of the next best business leaders to watch in the future by Sir Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin Group - Mick Spencer has had views on changing the world since childhood.

Despite adversity and health challenges, Mick has constantly lived outside his comfort zone. This helped him to find his true purpose at a very young age – to be adventurous and getting teaching others the joys of sport.

After a 12 month gap year in the Hawaiian Islands (helping children become healthy and active) Mick founded ONTHEGO® at age 18. He had a mere $150 in his bank account. ONTHEGO® is now one of Australia’s and the world’s fastest growing sports apparel brands.

Mick strives to make Every Day Matter - day in, day out.

Like the business, Mick also loves to push himself and go wherever the winding path may lead. His love is riding and racing mountain bikes - with surfing, hiking, running and basically anything else that involves physical exertion a close second! Travelling is also another big one; as Mick (bitten by the travel bug) is always looking to travel to a few countries each year.

To contact Mick email:


To follow Micks blog visit:



Kylie McAvoy

Kylie has always lived an active lifestyle. She grew up playing soccer, basketball, tennis and represented her school at many ACT athletics championships.

Her sporting passions now are cycling, touch football and running and believes living a healthily lifestyle is a great role model for her 3 children.

Kylie has a Bachelor of Communications in Information Management and a Diploma in Graphic Design and is passionate about Web Design. Career wise Kylie is a jack of all trades at ONTHEGO covering web administration to general office administration.

Kylie would like to think she keeps things humming away nicely in the background at ONTHEGO so the stars out the front can shine.

To contact Kylie email:

[email protected]


Muhammad Junaid
Production & Sales Support Officer

Muhammad Junaid’s passion for sports includes cricket and tennis. His motivation to contribute in the welfare of the society was an attracting force for him to join ONTHEGO Team. He is the active member of Australia Youth Climate Coalition society that works to solve the problem of global warming.

He has an adventurous personality and is ready to go an extra mile to experience new things. This attribution of his, always encouraged him to accept challenges that comes his way without thinking that the given work is impossible, as he believe that in life, nothing is impossible it is just a matter of hard work that is required.  This is one of the reasons, he was able to taste  success during his university life as he was able to get elected in many societies, won many inter university competitions related to business innovative ideas and for consulting  businesses on their expansion strategy.

He brings along with him the experience of working as Marketing officer for a highly reputed company in the name of Lucky textile Mills Pvt Ltd that exports textile product around the world that include Walmart etc. Further, he has a Master’s degree in Project management and professional accounting from the Australian National University. His experience and qualification makes him best fit in his current role in ONTHEGO SPORTS as Production and sales support officer.

To contact Junaid email:

[email protected]


Laura Sibley
Graphic Designer

Laura is a new addition to the ONTHEGO Family. She is a creative thinker, and passionate designer, with a multifaceted skill set. She believes that visual communication is a key element in promoting healthy lifestyles, and creating functional services for people.

Laura has recently completed her Bachelor of Graphic Design at the University of Canberra, and is continuing her studies in a Bachelor of Communication in Advertising. Outside of her studies, Laura is an active person with a keen interest in many sports. Her true sporting passion is Netball, where she has been involved as a social and representative player, coach, and Netball Australia qualified umpire.

Laura also has experience in fashion design, and customer service. The combination of her skills, interests and dedication to her craft give her great potential to contribute to the success of ONTHEGO. She is excited to have begun her professional career at ONTHEGO.

To contact Laura email:



Christopher Condy
Board Member

Chris is easily one of the highest regarded retail executives in Australia hands down. Chris was Managing Director and CEO ofAssociated Retailers Ltd (ARL) for 8 years up to 2014, who is one of the largest independent buying groups in Australia, and operate over 600 retail stores, like Camping World, Sports Power and Toyworld to name a few. With a big history there prior to that, he has since been infecting a select number of companies in the Sports / Adventure retail game, including us with key advice. Chris is also a Director for Australian Sports Technology Network, Drummond Golf, and has perviously been on the board of the Australian Sporting Goods Association.


Samantha Condy
Board Member

Samantha is easily one of the best marketing executives in FMCG and Fashion in Australia. Samantha has been advising ONTHEGO for nearly 2 years, since almost garage days. Samantha's CV is flawless. From Global Head of Marketing at Bendon Group, to Head of Marketing at PUMA, Head of Marketing for Levi Strauss & Co to Marketing Lead of Powerbar and Musashi at Nestle, she has a huge diverse career in marketing lead positions, and has already brought not just a fantastic network, but clear guidance on how we can advance through targeted campaigns, channels and segments, by really understanding our core customers.

Alicia Shepard - Manager

Alicia has always lived an active lifestyle. 

Starting as a young girl through to her late teens as a competitive Irish Dancer, to being a part of team sports in Soccer & Netball till recent years. Alicia became addicted to fitness as a young adult whilst staying fit & healthy as her head was in the books completing her Advanced Diploma, then her Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Canberra. Fitness and Health became a passion. 

Working in design and Architecture for many years, she then moved her career into a commercial Sales Profession within the Design & Construction Industry. 

As a second career (aside from being a mum of 2!) Alicia completed her Certificate III & IV in Fitness in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Currently working as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, Alicia's involvement in the Fitness & Health Industry, combined with her extensive background in Sales and Management, fit perfectly together to create her role in Sales Management at ONTHEGO Sports. 

Alicia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business management, systems, processes and is an integral part of the growing ONTHEGO Team.

To contact Alicia email:

[email protected]


Kris Milne
Local Teamwear Rep

Kris is the newest member of our sales team. He is a determined, focussed and driven individual bringing with him 12 years of military experience as well as an intense passion for all things sport. Kris has recently decided to combine his love of sports with his sales experience in order to join our team at ONTHEGO.

Kris has vast experience in the representative sports field excelling in AFL, Basketball and Cricket. As well as being an accredited coach in all of the above. 

With a high emphasis on customer service and satisfaction and outstanding interpersonal skills Kris is looking forward to being an integral part of ONTHEGO for now and the future.

To contact Kris email: 

[email protected]


James Palmer
CFO and Board Member

James recently joined the ONTHEGO family having spent 24 years in professional services – 20 of those with a major accounting firm.  For the last ten years he was a partner with Ernst & Young and was the Managing Partner of the audit group in Canberra for six years.  He specialised in working with fast growing entrepreneurial companies – like ONTHEGO - helping them grow their businesses and adding value through his business advice and support.   Over the years he has helped many of his clients achieve their goals and achieve the national and international recognition they deserved. 

James has a degree in Commerce, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Registered Company Auditor and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.   He has worked in London, the USA and Sydney before moving to Canberra ten years ago where he now calls home with his wife and three children.

James likes to keep fit by jogging, mountain biking and bushwalking - he recently walked the Overland track in Tasmania with his son.  Having a wife who is a qualified Les Mills RPM and BODYPUMP instructor means that he has an expert personal trainer close by – he certainly hears it if he misses a training session! James secretly thinks he has another marathon in him and Mick has promised that, not only do the new DUNDASFIT range look great, they also make you run faster……..that’s got to be reason enough to start training.  Watch this space!


Courtney Milne

Court joins OTG with a vibrant and passionate personality.  Court possesses high level communication skills and has a strong customer service focus, always priding herself on building relationships with those clients who she comes into contact with. Court thrives off working as team and is driven to produce results for all our clients with their satisfaction her highest priority.

Court enjoys being out in the fresh air with her family and loves social catch ups with her friends. After years of enjoying netball, surf club, tennis and basketball Court has goals set for hopefully running a half marathon one day.

Part way through her Bachelor of Commerce Degree Court has been able to complete her life with work, study and family commitments, relishing every aspect each day.

To contact Courtney email:



Hap Klopp
US Advisor

Among his many exploits, Mr. Klopp was the founder of The North Face, where he served as President and CEO for 20 years.  During that time The North Face was honored with many awards for being the best managed company in its industry, including being lauded by Business Week Magazine for providing one of the highest quality products of any company in the United States.  Mr. Klopp led The North Face to its position as the largest and most technically advanced company in its industry and one of the largest privately held companies in the San Francisco East Bay. Hap holds both BA and MBA degrees from Stanford University.

Adventurer and executive, Hap Klopp has run numerous companies and spoken around the world on brand building, adventuring, leadership, entrepreneurship and the human side of management.  He has been highlighted on national television and in such publications as BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Success, and San Francisco Focus Magazine.

Hap is excited about helping OnTheGo pioneer the rapidly emerging business concept of quick response and customization for apparel.  It is revolutionary and disruptive to the global apparel industry—two areas of business where Klopp has focused his advice and mentoring ever since he sold The North Face.  Equally important to Hap and a key reason that he is involved in helping the company is its commitment to being a "triple bottom line business”—a business that has three equally important facets—profit, social consciousness and a commitment to the environment.


Rainbow Savvas
Board Member

Rainbow is not just one of the most energised accountants and supply chain experts you'll ever meet, but one of the biggest leaders in Fashion Operations and finance. Rainbow's career started out of China and Hong Kong based logistics and IT, then was one of the key positions behind the famous Australian brand Sass+Bide, where she headed up all operations and finance objectives. From Vendor management, production management, logistics management, financial management, IT and HR management, Rainbow brings so much to ONTHEGO that we are so excited about. 

Our Social Responsibility

We have a very strong ethical belief and take that into account when considering everything that ONTHEGO does. For instance, all our factories have third party audits to monitor proper working conditions and wages, and we ensure that they are adhered to. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to make sure our factories that have the correct moral and ethical values. This will align our products and their production with our beliefs, and the beliefs of the broader community.
You can be guaranteed that when you buy an ONTHEGO product, your garments have been made in factories that have socially-acceptable working conditions.