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Our commitment to being ethical & minimising our environmental impact

From the day we started, our vision was for every product to be made with care; for both the people who made it, and the environment that it is created in. We have worked hard to build relationships with small factories that believe in what we do. They are committed to our quality and, importantly, are ethically accredited through internationally independent body, SMETA. Recently, in Sydney, Australia – we started our own factory and are ensuring this aligns with these same standards and accreditation.
As we have grown we have brought in new partners that share our values. We proudly host all our suppliers on the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) which is a not-for-profit, membership organisation that leads work with buyers and suppliers to deliver improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Sedex aims to ease the auditing burden on suppliers through the sharing of audit reports and to drive improvements in supply chain standards.

Decent Work Hours
No Child Labor
Fair Remuneration
Ethical Business Behaviour
Protection of the Environment
Occupational Health and Safety
At OTG, we are passionate and dedicated to the best online design tool and production of world leading custom apparel and accessories whilst delivering a competitive price for the customer in our socially responsible dedicated manufacturing plants. What began as a university start-up in 2012, printing custom cycle jerseys in a garage, soon became one of the world's fastest growing Australian owned custom sportswear providers with a multi award winning platform. We value fair engagement of teammates, mates, transparent and ethical manufacturing and sound working conditions in all our global making locations. OTG is a creative ecosystem for custom branded apparel and accessories. You can use and design sports clothing online on our easy and simple customisation platform. Design your own sports apparel and uniforms, at the click of a few buttons in less than a minute!